Jeff's Wedding Survey 3

Thursday, September 15th


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So in case you haven't heard it today look just. No I noticed copies ought enhancing discovery of the championship show star Nady for a lot and I'm back in the hot seat. Yes you. This is uncomfortable. Day on the jab and. Weeks away. Light. Thirties and then days now so. And I've programs woman in the wedding which is quite an honor very excited about this. Actually picking out my address tomorrow. I heard did I tell you account can come with and you getting opening at address and then you guys having lunch. We're gonna have girl time much needed and I am just now there will be one in a game perfect. I hope I will braced myself for either. Or are they trying to. I like that but I. So if for your wedding is a dear friend Mitchell Anderson and he's since you guys a bunch of questions to answer. As a form of some maybe premarital counseling are getting to know you on a more intimate level before he does agree you wanted to do recent. The latitude to creative as personal and experience is he so as we do on the radio we put our personal lives out so I asked these same questions. And she answered them now and ask you the questions on the year now and we'll hear her response and see how close in line you guys who can't. OK Kermit sort of like the Newlywed Game but it's the pre. Pre marriage can get down and we started this a couple of days ago I think any pregame write it right and as a write in OK so. This is the third question I asked counts were picking up that question a retreat why parents. Why take this next step. As opposed to like just being au prince Edmond writes. Mop IA. I mean that this may be they as selfish kind. They don't want this to come across crappy. Because if you like I should answer. All about her like she's answer honestly okay. I don't. I don't like the idea of being alone. Not just for me but for anybody like VA he growing up is an only child. I just. That there's a level of fear of like being alone so when you find somebody that you connect with and kind of I'm mash. Ways and that person becomes your purse and I wanted to claim that I wanted to be like this is my person you know and I mean and my parents have a wrote a fantastic. Marriage and my dad would do anything on the planet are from my mom and I've gotten. And lucky enough to witness that and I've gotten to experience. That example and I want to recreate it. And hopefully get it right this time. And here's Kelly's answer to why marriage why take this next. I didn't. Yes except that proposed and I we hadn't even discussed marriage like we had you know had some wide one night and he's like. You toll wanna marry me not like I don't he finally got it out of it means that I I did. And then as it usually wanna marry me TO and he shot me down so fast he and like two months of river because he's like actually rolling out there now. And I was like yeah right whatever you like no really I'm not there are so I don't immediately discuss it and I think oh OK while that's nice. I'm so wouldn't close I was totally surprised had no idea. And I said yes instantly because one your heart. Just knows it's really really ever and says you know. He makes me better. He's kind my family he's generous he is the best partner I've ever. And I think because we're partners you know life's not always going to be as easy as it is right now. But with Shasta he may he's a good partner so what ever we have that comes across and continent. That we can work throughput has for great partners together on and he's a wonderful partners so. Marriage I've always wanted to get married and have kids and I could not ask her about her partner and my parents have an incredible partnership and his parents have an incredible partnerships so. You know partnership to secure their. And she. Rants are so much better and I know Israel gearing back MI SS television rude. And I've occurs. He's parades and mine is all about. All right question number 4 when you a morning how does the world look to you. It's a really rate question. Mitchell. May Guinness and. I think. The world's looks different to me now. Than it ever did the world is in. My world now is so filled with gratitude. So filled with optimism. And it is a I look forward to. Us on so cheesy but. Finding the opportunity to be a better person or help someone else be a better person. Every day. It's easy it's she's is that. Now it's true yeah not that easy. As we do yeah. I think it's awesome here's callies answers to the same question if you'd asked me a couple a year ago I pro it's I think different but. Right now I've found that about in the morning and I'm so happy and excited and some Ian. The world is. Wall I mean and others luckily I'm rain and an island negativity but to me it's such. A good opportunity to have a good day and make an impact and now it's so sons and I wake up and concede at that very. So bright now the Alec is great and we're getting married and we both have new jobs and weren't like on fire out. Sits me right now I wake up and Mike will replace Carroll learned today and I'm getting you know a second opportunity to do it acts I haven't jobs so. To me I wake up ready to learn and really excited about life and ends. I'm Hanson. Yeah it's about the degree and it would want to wake up in the morning and made the world every day I'll. You know marrying yeah I don't know. I don't know whiner I think she's awesome and I love her she's. Now that. I. Take a break right here and we're gonna come back. In just a few minutes and answer the last two questions. On the list we'll hear from Cali from next on the Jeff contention stand and you for a one. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.