Jeff's Wedding Survey

Thursday, September 15th


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Thanks for making a fresh start of the day with us we're glad you're here. Justin Jan shell on stalling for blood. Your shot to rant and I phone seven is coming out in less than ten minutes to give you were detects and it than imports and exports and everywhere and where words you. You're married and I know can you believe it's. Night. 38 days but. It's flown by. And as I'm so excited about as low fat. I wait for you to hear callies answers to these questions like now with gas beyoncé Cali. And week out through this question that was given to them by their I think she ends. Tell it's different there's yet so he can induce them. General Counsel is the right word for it. Brilliant counseling but he wants to make our our wedding the whole day is gonna we wanted to be really really personal. So when we asked Mitchell who is a friend of ours to be the issue and and he is going to make the ceremony very personal and we have the music is so very personal if food is all very personal there's a lot of personal touches throughout the day. And eyes so he sent this list of questions that he can personalize. You know he's a great friend though we wanted to make it super personal. Really deep personal emotional intimate questions that you typically don't ask just over opponent and different kind yeah. An end of these ever happy is it that you don't like and pass the guacamole. Let me ask you the truth is that yeah. But I got they were. I really thought provoking questions and it's fun to sit down and ask Kelly what her answers appease we're gonna hear her answers. After Jeff answers the same questions. Now a lot of water which I know. We dickens' time in Idaho but I. On him. And I'm looking at and loan. Okay you ready for the first in the eighth every question number one where and when did you first realize you were in love. And. But is it is there an exact moment is an hour happens. There's typically a moment in a relationship where you realize it or maybe when you say for the first time. Or may be. Well I've got him there and he felt it in your hearts. The place where I said it's worth the first time. Is. Though on who is an trucks out. When we're driving out to South Carolina and one day. So that was like that when I first say that the very first time but. I think the overall realization. Came from business and so ridiculous this in this ams so I think almost that's what it's not meant. In effect that's. Right. I do remember. Wayne having this realization. After. As we did not live together and before that together I remember there are there words a couple of times Wayne. And we spent the night it arrows. And I notice. That Wayne. I. In back home at the end of the day. And she left after me in bed with me which didn't like it. I thought oh that with sweet right thoughtful thoughtful and then I. Overheard. Her. Telling a friend that she heard me say. And in some conversation. That I really light amiga and beat it's. Of just the way it makes me feel what I want and it's just me eel like. I already did something part. Something went so we is out now I realize that it she left the room after I did she made the bed in and I found out that she did it beat news she knew with some word mean and for whatever reason. Well. You won here Kelly's response no offense but that's gonna be better than mine. Well I think you'll be surprised it's similar where and when did you first realize you were in both Jeffs wouldn't let me first. And I was mad at him when he said infant so I didn't say it back to. But I think I realized it when he said it house like how. I actually do love him but I definitely not gonna say I'm mad at the I gotta tell you. We're on the side of the road at a rest stop in South Carolina and I'm walking our dogs and you're like bickering about something. And those who were an exclusive yet. And he's like well you know that I'm in love with you know man's leg. Well and they really liked it and I don't think. And that click. Continue and still Matt thinks he can get it here right now we didn't know that actually that's on his head. It's funny how she refers to it as a delightful little rest them from Manhattan hooked. And thereby and it's Superman T shirt and have. Or at Matt. Question number two what's the best thing about your partner. Evans very easy answer she is the most selfless. Image and eyes she is the most selfless. Giving. Thoughtful. And decade person that I now. Eight. Am not even just me. But it her her friends and strangers. Feud. And we the giving. I name and her feelings. And shall there are crimes that shiatsu means a that are there and me and I need issues. She taste better care of me and I deserve in enemy seniors and she's. Always a few steps at a game and knows what I need for. Super. Selfless and kind hearted and and pro active about it. And here's what Kelly said when asked her what's the best thing about her partner. A much ash is heart a 1000% he is the most it's been funny they think on the show he people get to see his heart a little bit more in his caring side. And for years people didn't get to see that. Yeah like he's a church and it might actually battle areas because he's one of the most kind. Generous. People I've ever met and he will do. Anything for people that he loves he will keep you shot as back he walked he wants to make ever and he loves happy. And he just has the biggest heart ever. I think it's a really good point that on this show everybody gets to see that there like. Wait a minute. Where is the old Jeff this is Najaf and might actually. He's only ten guys Jack yeah it's funny could that actually we've had in my apartment and our he has engineer people being placed a comment saying. Just nice he it's not because I think people are. Hello World does is that okay to say that right there like we must mean Jeff and Mike doesn't. You know the real it persons up that's kind sweet. Loving person he's very sake don't get me wrong but he is real and these picket twisted sick sense of humor. It isn't but a tender heart and an economic and totally. Brett let the record show that I. I stayed strong through that and Jen actually add her eyes. I. And he got him. I love it we've got more of those questions I'm not there yet we'll be these we mean to me this in. A couple of days and most important thing that's tough on when you wake up in the morning with world look you. Lot of pressure on that answer I I can't wait to hear your answer to question three Y marriage why take in an Arab I asked myself that everything I. 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