Monica and Travis

Friday, September 9th


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Jenna got on. We live from secret studios at children's titles and for the Jeff contention this morning insanity for a one and we are talking to her new friend Monica here. Get on the line. Trying to figure Weiler the secrecy for. A heart attack at this place is amazing and beautiful. Cage. It. Regular AFC west. Is it honestly that the studio it's mean that knowing how to use them. AJ DJ he just picked up. And Monica welcome it's good. Hey hey. Out problems. Arena. At Harry yeah. Okay. Wal-Mart and they finally. That's awesome Monica how many days were you in the hospital for this last round of treatment. Or. Forty days how big is going to be gone home. It's amazing being closed. And any time you're going in my like the first thing I it was like goalie like that was our goal. Post like and so much you don't expect. I'm happy also comforting right yeah. Now Monica here's that the way this is this all came together is is important for our. You do now I think is you know you're so nice to Jenin. Her family when you met them on that AFLAC cancer floor. A few weeks ago that we wanted to do something nice for years so we asked our listeners just to send you this migrant. And we had. No idea how awesome our listeners. War I mean on. He gives you that we had no idea what it would turn out like. You know I issued a picture and I just like you know like Kennedy and I wish I was so excited just that but then they just yet. Timing and Kimberly and on my actual birthday. The library called means that he weight eat it can get your smile and forget about. 11100 or you don't like. Oh my god. And and and then every day after my birthday in like to the point where I would say they would. Getting to go home I was still getting this biopic so I left a hospital with. Over 3000 of them. The cool part about this is we took the picture. Of you with all of this mile brands like piled up like to hear eyeballs. And she I shared it on my social media is it thank you to everybody who did that for. Ands. Somebody suggested. That this becomes something that we kind of view regularly I'm on the show where we try to find somebody. Who pays a patient at one of the children's health care hospitals and listeners kind of rate. And ask people the sense mammograms to them so they can feel the same love that you felt. So Travis is our first person. And as we've been talking about so much this morning and you part of the reason in. Travis is gonna get inundated like you. Say there hopefully that meets hopefully makes you feel pretty. Then he leaves open up but it also makes me really really happy chat list U don't we know Travis. Written Leno. And so then you then you can be so happy to keep those smile grant it didn't near the hospital on what you think. And maybe some people just don't know me area until online only bet like. Couples baroque and they Miki stole. Happy anymore only get the more and more love that she's becoming premier community sport and people care about you. I can't seem to me is the best thing they get out. Only made a difference for me and I saw and I can you say that I thought they were going to be orders. They say our my entire life but even that bad because of you listeners. Yes me neither of my program and I'm still eating bitter and I spoke going. And each why it makes me happier and happier and that's definitely. Third and he needs when he's going to recipient sheet you know is all part of yeah that would say you know. I couldn't imagine that. Monica tell us about Travis what is his personality like since you know him and we're just gonna meet him today. I was my mom but we got the Stanley bag and we don't have mr. Lee has. I would I'm not allowed to go on the amount chant when he gets. To that earthy you know I'm. The patient currently dating and affair he. Does not to go over there they are particularly and so why. They're socially. And you know either trap in effect arguing rain error. You know they are asking how you begin. Even know what it deemed too little than you know just being socially children. It really is a family we're experiencing now with threesome with all the other families that. He searcher really get to know everyone you start to get to know the nurses and obviously the doctors and it does become this larger family unit everyone's supporting each other. Through a really tough time. Yet the minute his family that you never urged. That's where ever want to be part does but once you're in New York the old people are able to Iowa you know. We re together we cry together we celebrate skeptic. Everything is if one big formal rule saying we don't you know me all of us understands. What each other going. Room. And monetary can you share with us some of your favorites my programs in any of them stand out to you or make you laugh. A lot of even made me laugh you can they would like it the little elementary school they read like the little. You're like quiet young jokes instead of wine yeah. I think what's it like that pirate was lighted chicken cross the road. It didn't cross the rhetoric I hit by car. He looked like all that well that's fun and it adds I would like. Fourth grade humor rate there can expect. Well Monica how are you feeling now. I'm Karen really good right now. I don't know answering you know like daily what counts is but that's okay. At least once but what can answer that and I know. Open. Well I Monica pang in my day. On Monday actually as. It caught in the morning and that they. The owner of the creation procedure. So they agony that I couldn't see let it's yes it really. Well be thinking about in keeping you and our prayers definitely throughout the weekend especially on Monday TO. Yeah we didn't know how much I love both that you expect you know a lender that turns the verdict let your antley isn't. Yes I mean you guys and. No it so well. I have to say you're so excited that you got to go home and I was a little sad I'd still own account mock attack. Now back for ours. Stay. Monica thanks very inspiring. Yet inspiring us to do this this thing that we're gonna can do for Travis and and continue to do you. Beyond that and and thank you for being such a bright lights it was awesome to meet you in person it's awesome and you kind of friend. Are there ain't here oh thanks Monica. Let either. I levees in. Injustice and who else. OnStar in 841.