Introducing Travis

Friday, September 9th


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Are you ready for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen. We are doing the show this morning from children's angles and from this Seacrest. Studios and that we are about to talk to you about a wonderful young man. Names Travis and Travis is a patient here at Eggleston. In the bone marrow transplant. Unit and that means. He his guys. Some time magazine's. Yes Travis is eleven years old. With a rare blood cancer. And it's called and healthy blood cells and there are abnormal cells in the blood or in the bone marrow. And Travis is right now on day and I believe of his 100 days post bone marrow transplant. When a patient has to stay in isolation on the floor for a hundred days. So Travis is allowed to receive visitors limited visitors who have to be screen to make sure that there healthy to come and visit him. But he is not allowed to leave the floor so think about that. 100 days in the same room and on the same exact floor so. We talked to children's and they said we think that Travis would be so deserving and so appreciate to have. Since programs. Yet India in the reason that this whole idea exists. Is because of a jet engine show listener. Who heard. About what we did we've Monica. Who actually I think his on this rate now. At eight Monica. They Monica. And while we're gonna try to get like this she. She was being as she's a neighbor of rhesus when Reese is here for her first visit. Ands and that celebrating her birthday. And a on the on the floor and she was so nice and so caring so thoughtful Dejan. And her family that we wanna be some experts that we just put down on FaceBook Khamese mansion and the Winston if you have an extra five minutes. We've please. Saying hey smile ran it cost nothing. It's. Did it still gives nothing you have to be do from your desk at work that out to send well wishes to. To Monica she had three. Thousand and if you read her FaceBook. Post I hope we get on your so she can tell you in our own words. She was so it changed the course over a year. She was so happy about it she said it was the best birthday ever and it could have been the worst birthday amber she heard from olive view. She wonderful messages of encouragement and get well sedans and she got great stories from people and she just also embraced and loved. But he jokes from people that led. Smile and make her laugh and truly you made that happened she had over 3000 of them a stack of paper. That went from her shoulders above her head her picture based it was so cute she posed with just her eyeballs peeking out of her at the top of the stack. Kind of like that. The neighbor. And the that Tim Allen's yeah who improved. The neighbor just speaks evidence that she is speaking over the top of the stack of smiled and they were delivered her ram six is that she broke records here at children's titles and had never receive at least mammograms for one patient. And such a short amount of time before we went Travis to redirect has. It will to do that for Travis as well. She I and he is going to be celebrating her birthday here as well over the course of the next hundred days citizen be perfect it's actually coming up. And the weaker today. Yeah he's going to be twelve years old on September 22 he will celebrate his birthday here and the DNC unit. And Travis has an incredible story this is a genetic disease that has been passed on through his family. And he and his mom wanted to share that he has lost family members from and DS. He was two years old. When he lost a family member and and his brother who is thirteen years old bing maps was also diagnosed with and DS and Matt is gonna receive his bone marrow transplant in November so. I mean if if you can imagine those struggles you're going through in nearly every day is your. Get out and get to school and going to work I mean can you imagine what the Stanley is going through two children fighting MDS and also going through bone marrow transplant so. Deathly family that needs needs lots of love and encouragement and definitely a family that that would love to get your smile programs so we ought to make that happen. Yep so wide that low wage is going to be up on. Every bit of social media that we have and that started before one as and we open it up on our web site. And seriously it only takes five minutes if that it doesn't cost a dime. I just send it to Travis angles and you'll get it and I promise you gonna make the world world of difference. And you could mean he can get creative with that sentiment had to look at Palomar. Send it to the picture of you and your family so he knows it's coming from. It will be really clicked for you to do so it's gonna be up as soon as we gets me Travis and and get his cute smile today we're gonna share that with you and you can sentiments. So thank you in advance for being part of the amazing family that has become the jets convention. Star in 941. Comes.