WITRG Angela and Carter 3

Thursday, September 8th


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CC you have an artist today look down. And no one noticed copies thought enhancing will cover you. The championship show starring 841 Angela was just listening and as we talked to Carter. They've been together for a year and a half. She's ready for whatever snacks and he's not opposed to it. But she has dogs and he's very alert I have to take medication. And hey Andrew I'm. More and I. Apple. You. Really pretty you know and it that was actually very good a year. Oh my gosh I am and I'm kind of in shock still that it's in adopts. Well you had to of known. A lot of allergy like that's not a surprise right. No no I I I knew that he was allergic to dogs I have no right. He says that it blows. She did not expect it so much so that that's the reason why. The reason why Newton brought out. That it's it's not the Scott about except I. I only god I didn't. I'm so old. Flabbergasted right now I I don't even know what yet had the dogs are so wrong that. I mean they're mean they're my babies you know. Do you think they're gonna enjoy living on a farm. If. Who make much. It's missing he physically can. With the dialogues that -- he console with Cuba to him and together and did you hear that part where he said. I want live with the person before I get married. So the lab the living together step is crucial step for him. I. Ray yeah and an eye to eye of the one that is well I hate. School. Didn't conclusion it's like yeah notched. Well now changing moment now now you now. Yeah you have all the information that you need so now yeah I can. Get on the phone and am and talk through it we. Ray and quick question why are these indoor dogs. App. Yeah actually aired mainly indoor dog they don't live Al yeah. Repay its name and I buy a house together the big old dog grind is it big dog on earth could cute trick Alec and cooler. Yet deeply dog houses and our job is half the band no. I get I haven't and it was just trying to come up with some sort of solution while Carter's nominate and review either Janssen staff mask. This this is a tough spot sorry Angela. I mean hey I appreciate. Yeah at least you know I know now you know at least we have. Somewhere to start a conversation and what. Connor and Baxter. Baxter. Yeah they're not blocking. Act I. Thought they aren't. And I own it. I guy data and thanks for the explanation. I D'Angelo good luck where that. Thank you can say he has incredible how immediately they know you know where to start out actually restarting parts are now. Give our best to Connor and Baxter. Our well being you know lack. Is that I'd think you is it odd and then I'm she's the game Carter inner dog is named Connor. It's out there. He. And. She no way she beckoned to the dogs. You don't think no way she can get rid of Carter. No but now that she knows she is an area like this well overdue rent those dogs. Guarantee Easter 100%. Guarantee it as a matter of fact I guarantee you that there are people who have broken off perfectly good relationships. For pet related issues he thinks absolutely 40474. Line 9400 we can take your phone calls next. But these. Calls I'm the governor calls. The dog and cat got in the way yeah it was a perfectly great relationship. But the dog the cat is the reason that the relationship one Bubba. 4047419400. We'll take your calls next jet engine chips aren't you for one. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.