WITRG Angela and Carter 2

Thursday, September 8th


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CC you have an artist today look just. And no one noticed copies thought and Nancy will cover you. Just enjoy the show star Nady for a lot where is this relationship going is the name of the segment and today where Carter. I'm half of his girlfriend Angela. And Carter does it for a year and a half things are going really well additives that things are great but she. Hesitant towards me it's been together what's going on because he seems to get stuck in rush off and long term commitment. Conversations. Angela. That's right yeah I years sure you won custody. Yes I am. On and he'll listen and as we call Carter and you'll be able to talk to him but here everything he's. So. Please. Yet the harder it's to and from the Jeff content show insanity for a one hour you. Okay good Credo united pink or green come on with us and hang out that little bit today. We are Colin before your conference eons. Who adores. And it's a pet she is really excited about your relationships is everything has been gone really great. Had she wants to know about some more serious stuff and she feels like you've brushed off some of these conversations about long term commitments so we are calling to find out where you stand and where is this relationship now. Crow. Current. I mean she's. C.s aren't producing the best. I don't know and or else they see. She's. She's awesome man. I own and come close to being literally this long so for me it's like kind of game in just saying. Sorrell and now yeah I think she's she's great. Like. I mean I I guess. The salute the long term thing is. That I'm a little surprised. Like we. I saw a Ryder kind of hinted that it. Like. You know I get a I. I don't know why this is popped in my mind but we're not about to ruin any surprise or anything it's. All all no no no no it's no not like that hum. Aren't like them I'm not really and are not quite I don't know. That some quite ready to have like I was I'd like it to be nice to remove didn't get that I got one relentless person first. But there are just. But have you told things like. Yes a lot and I don't like it and that it. But that she she dogs used to dogs I'm I'm so allergic. And so we're just like I expected bills just I don't mean Iraq under. I never see their place. She's always stated in my place so I do like. I mean I don't wanna be that guy who's like he got inaugurated their dark book but honestly. I don't know how to order he has been out so I have a slight kind of stock. What happens when your around the dogs like Nelson easier. Yes no it's just like a hole like my whole. What are your advantage you guys my throat closes up like it's it's actually really I guess there. I have a pretty bad like I never go around and Eliot you know and I know that -- be lame and urbanized I don't I don't. Catch. Can't help but yeah there's an idea that you can do out of the Grammy to blame I'm sure there's other things that make you claim that this whole. Saw it. So she knows about your dog allergy right. Yeah and there goes directly knows. Yeah. Under oil got to look she's waiting to me that match they re like past hurts you get rid her dog so that. Because sucks I don't wanna do that is that's for that. If she wants to know where your relationship is going it is going towards where you wanna move together you just physically can't. Yeah yeah. I actually had. Well. That's going to be. By its. It's not something bad like you communicate that to her that you don't have to say. Go give away your dogs you can say. Hey we can't medically lived together rate now. Gray. Well yeah drugs. And I moved me I mean get a good hit a good scare solve the problem. Good defense that has no business who prefers you still only. Yeah I mean that's the thing up. I don't know but you you're probably right I mean the biggest crew crew had to talk about it. I think it's. A flag on hair and other than it that's planet and her. Other than that she's great perfect perfect no problems. Yes yes really you have I am you know a minute through. Prolonged also. But yeah yeah we have a dog person. Air it in the way of her clients so vocal critic thank you for coming on as does the beans on everything you're equal. Yeah I think it is. I bow me back and just about three minutes will talk to you Angela and gave her thigh it's nine. Carter. Not moving gain as an canines. The puppies. Except poppy predicament. And it. Jet engines and one. Like Mike share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search sawing people want Atlanta well.