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Friday, September 2nd


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. All right the mission continues to find it fell that's the campaign that Jenn hobby is on this young man gave away his shoes. During his shift at a Wal-Mart in Lithia springs he works at the Wal-Mart and toward road Lithia springs. Saw a guy can mean in and could tell that the man was in the in the man who's homeless and said. And near Manchester high school jobs and Douglas county and we have. Information for people that know him at that school and in the process of tracking him down and so it doesn't happen before the week and we'll certainly happened on the day that we. Oh yeah we're gonna definitely track him down and do something really cool for failed because. He was just his first week is a greater and he approached the man and said hey my family and I have been homeless in the past and I really wanna give you my shoes and Manson and are now attacking anything really really wanna give you issues and the woman that. Huntsman is with that I'll be so helpful and sure enough he'll take the shoes off his feet. And gave it to this man and went back into into the rest of his shift socks. We had sued Japanese and your listeners actually driving through that Wal-Mart who lived in the area yeah and so we had to call them back and say I'm he's probably in school he is probably going to high school I thought I'd go to visit him I'm many in the. Young man that did not realize that he was teenagers senior in high school all. And then the questions very liberal at all well you know what it will be an ideal form any answers. We don't know because anything that we do that would be really great island have probably given that everybody else giving us some idea so. I'm we're gonna keep tracking him down who will stay on the hunt to find film we've got some really good leads and hopefully we'll have an update before the end of the ship today. If not certainly Tuesday when we get back on the job and it is a good. As have many little I know this I'm just moved. Surely a couple times and moved to tears by his at W the when he said we've got to do more and that's. Offs as well we were in a volunteer. Star in 941.