Finding Phillip 2

Friday, September 2nd


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In case you have an artist today look just. No I noticed companies fell enhance the recovery of the championship show starring 841. We got a mission. Right now. Trying to track down filled Powell. Janice thanks again as an enemy. I'm just touched by this act of kindness he works at Wal-Mart. On inlet these springs from Thornton road. And last Friday while he was working and he noticed homeless man coming through the story for frank he gave that man issues off of his. This he said that he had been homeless before his life he knew with a man has gone through. And he just decided in that moment he was gonna do something about it and make somebody else's life literally. Took issues op of his speech he was wearing pink and white numbers in honor of his grandmother. Who has been in a battle with breast cancer. And so he took off his pink and white congresses and handed them to a complete stranger in need each and so Wal-Mart customer. Noticed this story happening and took a picture of him he's wearing pink socks in the picture of and it just is and does that touched by his if you didn't have to do that. It's super wealthy guys doing his job or in some of. Which called Leo ball mark in Lithia springs a couple of times and rings and it as a fax machine. And on I don't have one of those so we knew at that rate and we found it a last place on the event as a fact. So we might need somebody in the Lithia springs area to. Like oh. I don't long grants or as I say many of his managers managers. Quoted in London and his manager was the one I believe the president on his FaceBook page name is. Mike passed since the question though Jen is when we find this guy what can you. Give it hammered you for hand. That he's not immediately get he gave the shoes problem is be as somebody and then there's nothing that he wants. Never find out if he struggled with any pain. And who we give them some money to pay some bills mainly gives shoes. To replace those shares may majority tragedy that. As saying in some and he virtue nice now are we doing this makes it really terrible human being. We'll take care of him with his we're gonna make his day better. Anybody calling it near Lithia springs online now what we did get through to the Wal-Mart is an old with the warmer right now. Perfect some take care and welcome to the shell. Yeah I was just looking beyond amateur very should know more about they'll powerful account. He's a singer and Manchester high school. Hate our work that Wal-Mart I think about 3030 started hours a week plus is high school student. That was its first week on the job on that matter and I interviewed him recently first story we're working on to put an publication. And how does that and he was agreed. And he's honest person trying to hand. And I mean that as far as we can get more mart has a lot of procedures if I want. But he just kind of watch that Erica. And his wife and hate. God come back a little bit later and saw what I would and a bad it was all very essential items very essential items nah no thrills nothing extra. And I are looking at a guy and he saw the guy had a you don't have an issue isn't until there's been previously homeless himself with the handling. I suspect that might be a problem back in there not knowing all the procedures. Cute little guy in his arm. The longer we can check out she I would convert those break so he actually ran out into the parking lot at Wal-Mart it I'm sticking to catch the guy. And when that didn't include you know that you don't have any issues and am I like poppy Matt. Don't know how many words just like I that would be such great get the guys now and Amanda came OK bet. Villa insisted and I'm we get a demand issue is human backhand worked a repetition just in his socked feet. Can you help us Karen I get in touch with him. We put you on and you have contact information for him. I'm I had contact information with its own and a person at the school that's really close at hand they can assign at what time of day you might be opportunity. Is your home and him are an interview in your lighter. Well we could touch his mom to a wanna make sure it's okay. And realizes I didn't realize amounts of your call that he was a senior yes the way a way to make me feel worse though not only are you a great amateur agreement news. Twenty years younger crimes that house thank you. I'll hold that. He really really get is information we're getting closer and the founder and. I am feeling good and I got teared up again as she was pounds or chase the kind of urging. That went into my in this she's not this heat. I. Angle. Keep exploring we'll have did you have to change senators. Star in 941.