Finding Phillip 1

Friday, September 2nd


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Let's just finish and show up Arnold and the idea is that it's. The idea is. You have to give it listed at on assignment sound. Aren't what we yours. And I like how obsessed you aren't yet. Motive. Is their biggest area I mean they're leaning. Back and via. Mentioning. We bring that story back in here. So we were just doing on the field. And we did a story about a guy at that Lithia springs wal mart's use an employee. And he is. Working. On a shift. And saw a guy in the store with no shoes that notion homeless man no shoes on his feet. This guy says do it on Jimmie Hughes is now homeless and area and it has a buy issues. The homeless guys say it says while I really need is apparent slippers. I need you spend anymore money and how much Paris the first kemba. Hands. The employees the Wal-Mart employee with his hands in the the first line they'll. Powell Bill Powell says to mom you'd. That's not right in takes the shoes off is the right and gives issues off his feet to the homeless. And Jane is now. Obsessed with this. I've just I'm so touched by it because. A rich guy I work aren't used to make an eleven and he's worked and art and ease. Just so moved in a moment of life that compressed by any single one of us have probably does every single day but he decided not to let that moment passed by without doing something better. And making the world a better place and making one person's life improved just by a pair issues I'm just so moved him. Actually like. Ms. Well then we need to find. I'm really wanna find him and I wanna do something really awesome for him I don't know what it is yet or what would make him. And a really great day but I just think that if there were more people in the world like Bill Powell is just beat. A better place I don't know that sounds corny cliches Aso but this kid is amazing. Then of its money in the bank he's not a rich person say that he's rich and all of the right things he's. I love in his heart for a complete and total stranger and impeded some of his love this can't stop thinking about it. So what we need to do is we need to find somebody rate now in Lithia springs. There has to be somebody in the vicinity of Lithia springs Wal-Mart on Orton ran and Goran road this happened last Friday afternoon. But it beats working again this for well and we battery I'm actually all that Wal-Mart and all right we get the number for the Wal-Mart and rode in Lithia springs. You grab that number OK we're gonna walk all the along and that's the first CDs. He's worked. At and you've got to figure out why exactly. You view. Because we give them anything graves is gonna give it away at his artists and now. Maybe make him promise to keep yankees owner. All right so we'll get to that everybody is on hold this on your requests are great and we're gonna rape and and at the table this with. This element that. Jen is obsessed now made it out of mix it. They again felt Powell for you. Thank we will. I'd start to track him down and I think is any suggestion that these suggestions he has that what we could you propel. The idea Jeff contentious than any four month. She didn't show shall I mean and.