Milk Then Cereal or Cereal Then Milk (2)

Tuesday, August 30th


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And started today looks just. No one noticed coffees fell enhance it looked every championship show starring 841. Hey Nicole welcome to the jet engine champ. It won't we have to postpone ghost adding to get to the bottom of the monster people who play and cereal and after. Are you one of these people. I. Think your dad and I met. Million. Year old airlift wing radio and the way on what's his name nickname that may end. I can we talked to Nate Denver's I am sure. And Nathan. So you put the milk in the ball in the breakfast cereal on tap them out. Yeah yeah now have you changed your ways. All all in all OK. Okay and I'm trying my heart all. Hawaii. I I got it yeah I don't know why. And then if you tried it the other way have you noticed that it's better. Yeah on. OK or England and you all. It did urban sea level changes we. Serial. It's packet it's more. Yen in dunking Brad pushing it down and the amount and it's Clinton. One of those why I'm all games if they. I'd thank you for they are for letting us donate and I'm glad you're trying to change and become proper meal. And keep listening because. You know first. Monsters eyes as Billy. Yet are you are you set. I'm pretty good or you could well destroy and understand these people who put mill road and in and Syria aren't Abbott. It. Kind of a science behind that if you put the milk in our stereo itself. Eight and see you like your cereal but current year. I like my cereal completely grudging yes completely so why Milken at all to see what look at the milk adds flavor to. He's not a yes. Oh yeah is does the milk take out any of the serial flavor because I rematch I don't know. Now a huge serial cheater now but when I was the greatest thing was to have the milk. Absorb the flavor of the cereal and then you end up with a bowl full of the wishes. Mitt gold or NATO yet sugary sweet now my favorite was toppled Jackson. Oh yeah like kind of paint. Well. Gotta like eating. A second post cereal with milk already in their you know ideas that both Syria. Everybody gets in twice right and then it's great. Sometimes you know what type serial do you have NG. All of it and I'd like cinnamon toast I let go and that wanted to bummer if it's not much and yes it is. And it'd. Thank you thank you very called ethnic and no problem appreciation. And I ethereal analysis I can go on and on this because serial. Could really require a different way of eating. Is it did your. These are welcome to the show. What you can tell us about your cereal milk I shenanigans. You don't I'm not mine Eric Perrin and is. That he. It's. And we did not the only trick record of doing it than hell rarely went up a poll. Area and then have a cup of milk company. So no use this noon in half late but I had put a spoonful of cereal in his mouth and then changed it without actually shot a milk. Hey. You know Dijjer we have a divorce attorneys and. Any good things that he had children and yeah. And I guess I ate out all right here aren't things you. If I came back. Thanks for being a part of it. Job selling any more water.