Milk Then Cereal or Cereal Then Milk

Tuesday, August 30th


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Thanks for being a part of it. You saw. All I wanna tell you about this monster human and I met the other day this personhood don't even believe it. And where did you meet this unicorn. Of human beings if there's someone in this room falls in that aimed and it. This earth and I will be shocked because I believe he has the only person on the you ready for this you ready to hear about this monster that I'm I'm just afraid that comment be just like this person in this and there's no way. This person. Enjoys themselves. A bowl of breakfast cereal from parent time because he doesn't. They will have cereal. For breakfast. Often for asthma yeah. Ready for this yeah listen. Today. It is there are monsters. Put the milking. Ers. We hear why would you do that and having just flown on no idea. They put the Malkin are important with this theory on top in the use the back there's moon mean. And he question Paula I've witnessed. Here like why are we talking about like building a wall to keep immigrants out that. And this guy is allowed to roam for and blow by firearms the a really come on trumped. Only bizarre you know are you raising your hand you because you know when these monsters. Adds I know a friend that will eat hot dog in the middle we'll take a bite out of the middle of a hot dog not the end of the hot dog but. Put you know mustard on a hot all the way. And by now. Like lady's watermelon. In person and belongs with the Syrian yeah it's why why did you ever seen. Mass that should. I since discussing it ever seen people who go cross first. On the pizza yes no I met tiger operate an awful little corner of the sneaking across. And I knew that going in backwards you know start point it's rock. That's weird it looks gross falls apart. Team that it I've I don't know why these people. It's like that you believe the requirement on around. On paper. And a round nowhere. Nearly as adamant and as Syria. The cereals bad. And I go around that you view you know in vertical. And British air. You'll remember how you record. Oh. It's not impacted. AT&T the around thing definitely an Asian open in a separate into three parts. Even vertically. Sure. And I'm. Really Smart. It's Marciano. I do barriers for us I'm peeled bananas upside down from the way you normally. Like how everybody yet Yukio from the spam. It peel easier if you flip over and I'd do it from the bottom but any advantage in your turn to the doubt and it is an entry. I'm and it's a widget. And while that's that's them by were rushed. There's going to be issues that we tackle here on the dateline and yep. You can. In the loop and and jump star. Are ready for a one.