Calls on Chris and His Wife's Bikini Pics

Friday, August 26th


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Engine shop its star yeah. Chris wondering what to hear these pictures that his wife asked me to post on line if she didn't lose weight by her birthday. To believe. Is this weekend. Melanie. You retired and Chris. Seen. Soon and hope and humiliate her because they didn't do it does duque you know it you back pain and so a lot of deliberations and didn't mean it and the consequences that it wanted to see an eluding a way bigger Malaysian got to do it up a picture. He rules. I. I know mark had threatened her and see that even really. Hard gold bond her out and that really harsh punishment evidence here and there. Yeah yeah I mean you make a good point as. You know what it is and wondering sailors they pushed it's another thing. I'm ERP which would be. And I think I don't think not. Do you think it may be she made and is that question for formality. Do you think she made those comments in like the heat of the moment and didn't really mean them. I mean machine I had and a quite an etching it baton she made the guessing maybe you look at an ounce and. But I haven't talked early raunchy image voters forgotten about it to be honest I know I know we're never forget that she looked in leaping way now. Now I understand it. You're. Thanks for that come on me. Right that's in Atlanta what she got. I say do not bureaucrats don't do it as a woman who wants to replay. You say be seen as you think they're gonna motivate you but. You really have to be in a place where your ready to do lists and I don't think she should be punished because she didn't. Them. She didn't your goal still meet our goal when it's right for her hands I know that I would not want that to happen even shed a what wanted to happen. And it's like he would be the one who is punishing car. He had a punishing her wealth. Actually I think it needs to be a respect thing and he got beat me and the communication. Speed. It needs to talk to her about it until I tell her that she that he doesn't feel comfortable doing. Is it. If you're saying mass but is it. Worth mentioning that this was her idea she told him in Europe and she told them not to bring it up to our which means if you doesn't want them posting them. Wouldn't she have said something on a federal. Yeah I don't think he's comfortable doing it and it is not comfortable doing it I don't think you said in Indy she got to her and say. I'm really not comfortable doing that I'm gonna help you but this is not the way I wanna help you. This what if he gets some pictures. Of the body he wishes she now and an old photos show her face on it. And then those as motivation. No he's a lover the way she has. Angry order that her goals. I agree and I think if the marriage is on the line is it's too acts so last welcome to the show. What do you think you should them. Not even really a question to me if you can with Kerry here I've heard there are no rate that. And he needs a logically. It would. You. Are. A bad. And I don't disagree that it's a bad idea we understand the predicament you women put Manning so if you do it's yeah I mean. But it is there any chance you'd think. She can come back. And say. I'd. Pay and you didn't. Think there's any way taking a back on them beat him on all if he doesn't. So let me see Anderson your questions and you're wondering if a woman is -- a situation that she was in complete control. Somehow twist around and make it big guys all that something went wrong is that possible you know but I think about that generally try to really spend a few minutes and if Amanda and Tom and welcome to the show. I think that in that long legged it out I think he needs to know exactly. What makes her beautiful. And I don't that I. So we're back to my idea of Photoshop and her knees. And a lot of anxiety. Not. None NN in an NL because in his diet you've already beautiful thanks now a man that out of you down and write a letter to her why she's beautiful and what I. All right Amanda thanks Photoshop pictures that you and I posted to reset and Fam I oppose senator umpires. Illegal to have her getting mad. They warmer times resent. Do the lesser of two evils of heard any man what would you rather be your team and dean and that. Means. You know I hope that your wife you would not want to hug empathetic or whether you editor and I. And what is she doesn't remember doing it. Yeah they're pretty hung over after New Year's Eve. Exactly and Carmen you know when we get and that that Newt is saying that we're going to leave their late. You know you're com you're excitement and then there's no way she will want and the that now way. Every single phone calls is dented Alpharetta eyes it has Heather. April April in Alpharetta pose their compass. Now he should not trust it act I know he can beat on it back Stephanopoulos all the typical had the gas and oil hit a bad about it. I don't think she mortal about the equipment and post it on how are you should not be on Oprah 18. I'm ease of using him to get there should not be mad at her out not have not yet. There's there's no reason to take anywhere and that woman and management grammys or the final thing you love lemon there that that's we've got the answer. Still ahead this morning which fringe and that unanimously. You know it's Jennifer's I guess. Do you think that he did it. Tell her he's not posting yet but hey I remembered this yes. And I struggled with yeah and I called the jet engines show. And I'm not going to do it I would reports that he just let it fly under the radar and I ever bring that I'd leave that part out about how we talked about it on the radio I believe that's part. Are making the switch to the justice shall turn me on.