Should Chris Post Bikini Pics of His Wife?

Friday, August 26th


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Thanks for making this glitch could just show shall start in April and general gonna call this man Kress because he doesn't want. Anyone you know who he has OK he hit Chris. He has a problem with a wife. And it is a unique problem to say the least. Welcome this year Chris. I think you're out in the Chris was. Iran could New Year's Day this past year. My wife told me that you want to lose their accounts for her birthday. I'm Lee were also on the lower after the holidays. Which are changes people will do our lives Newt. Action until correction where during the union congress you know. I oppose interest rates with pigeons she can lead with thirty hour. Our birthday. Yeah and that's that comes up that's. This lesson leak away. And a lot yes. Well yeah yeah. And the rules were I have to post altered pictures. Unedited. And I have to put a little touchy about what pictures. The salt FaceBook. An and I can't find I don't talk about it current Aurora to present their range Leonard you know. Below K hon they go in and you are you. He used in the way in order to encourage Iranians that. What do you mean you're in where what do you mean you're not allowed to talk to her about it. You mean like literally she did you have not acknowledged she's wrong agreed to. Just not even bringing up which are only concerned Singh urged Romanians you know journey Richard kind of solo goal and I would have talked about it literally haven't talked about it. And so is your question. You have to ask her if she is lost that thirty pounds or are you is it obvious that she has not. Bush. Well let's just say I know who I don't know. Which she may have its human interaction and apparently there to. Actually. I'm a year as it are you guys. Israel and Johnson and we out there has she been trying to. I mean. You know in January we're we're we're gonna also hikes. And good Reno renewed our gym membership and such. You know February march we were right back is you know. You stakes in the on the car. You know. It was. And I'm in Iraq I just I would say you know she transferred out of bonds could and then because in his return to old habits you know. Sir I think most of ST that I think that ideally you know. Who donors exactly exactly so then you're first you bet. Or is this attorney you were doing together you can also. Much no I mean well I mean I have my own my own planes. I was gonna try to edit and you know who's outside on the that is very much her own her own turner chief didn't meet specific rules like Eric couldn't you know. What are literally yeah how many rules are there I'm just wished. Yeah achieve victory be ruled. Which is kind of scary you know you speak to post the street pictures undiluted yeah. You know put a note. Typed in noted that she wrote down is kind of pretty neat and I and number street. I cannot bring it up to her ask her she's doing on curvature at all. And I have followed those rules but now here. You know country get out I got a hit. We don't have to close. Right. Right a lot of north to do that and I guess that I don't want to posted. You feel like she's going to be mad at you one way or the other. Yet to lose lose actual. I don't you know. I think even though she said don't bring it up I think that day before her birthday. You can save her. What what's the do you want me to oppose these things you can ask. And that's not asking her along the journey. That's. For a horror I mean. It's such a unique situation that the chances that somebody has a similar. You know five people. Yeah that may be haven't opinion he should or shouldn't 40 yeah 404. 7419400. Hazard on number 4047419400. If you can help out. Chorus with any sort of prize what year. Gut thoughts and posts that are countless. Are there image and. Yeah well. I look at pictures look like they. You know seemed to think that they would be embarrassing to her. Cracked. Mean yes and well here here's the kicker is that Hillary didn't know this is really what is embarrassing thing. I am parking restrictions because there embarrassing to me I wanted to lose weight per day it did not do that to publicly shared images and the consequence of our lack of this aren't we cannot comment or like in the jet to the south. Thank you. Yeah I don't think. I mean. Who. Why your grip. It's your yeah. And really gotta agree that I just kind of an OJ baby you and I haven't I haven't aspirants. Well. He had any advice for Chris for a 47419400. Called Chris out in the jet engine to stand ready for one. Thanks for making this wedge to the Jessie.