David About Town: College Football Rivalries

Friday, August 26th


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Thanks for making this glitch. An adjustable shelf army corps. This weekend is the F traditional kick off pick college football and that's all I'm gonna say. I get so excited about this Jeb every now get ready. At QB yeah Eddie I will tailgate and Manning. I would blow outs yeah the bathtub ma have burgers and hot and in chicken wings are blankets out. I will go to a team its board's part to eat the food they serve during the game. It is and mean anything to me I'm sorry to have. I know. We were trying to make you true southerner. Clinton and how long now I've this will be my A. Fourteenth their fifteenth I'll stay up all season fifteen college for policies we got indoctrinate your not you're not going to a big football school doesn't give you any excuse anymore that's true I didn't I went to Syracuse. Like I said you're not going to a big football yeah. How does not give you an experience I David sneeze to this because he is George doubled not. Yes I bleed red and black all day every day. But now explain to me how this is the kickoff stick college football season. Yet. The dogs aren't playing. I know I have to wait one more week for my dogs played but that doesn't mean that other games are happening it's the first week everyone's getting into it everyone's getting that. That excitement and the vibe to guess get ready for the entire season through some teams start and some teams. Nasser and racial kickoff is this weekend all right so your gators Jan. Jeff what down eaten. I mean really you cannot do that to me. That's why I had a heart. Failure I thought it got to ask. I believe Garnet and gold and yanks know seminoles through and through so that your Florida. Florida State where mistakes are anxious and I love her so much even though we didn't go the same school we have such mutual hatred for one thing it brings us together yes they Gator economic costs of the works. IRAs or David what is David about town this week so I wanted to go out and get. Ideas from my fellow bulldogs. About insults for the schools that we hate. Because what's more fun and that college rivalry starting off the season so just because I have to wait another week for my bulldogs the play doesn't mean that the trash talking and start early with. Or to attack. What do you get when you put 32 Georgia Tech cheerleaders in one room a full seventy. So I think it's 68 graduate of U. Became the pizza. It pretty good I'm good thank you it. I arms and a small business. Our life visit them at Georgia Tech grad in charge of. I'm. Patty's day. Age old rivalry my guy just down easy EAR game is that you know it's a gain of just good old fashioned hate now and so but the you know. As much as we hate George as heck let's be honest Nick Saban and Alabama Crimson Tide they're probably the dial. The key here on out in a library burning down. They lost all three coloring books. Heidi keep mounting up and busy. Right pleased are never on both sides that he's in favor. Oh yeah I'm 26 and drivers that on the same day in Alabama. Think it will get tired. How notes and finally we have to talk about the Florida Gators because they are just the more sex tape them more than any team they're like the New York Yankees of college football to me. How many gators in the take his journal it. Only one but he gets any credit for. You hear about the Florida linebacker who still leave hard. He's got 911 undecided about it. Then what about Florida fan is my favorite to win. He London and the other hand. And so athletic and walks into a bar you purchase a very pretty woman and our conversation. Some Yasser what's really get to the woman responds Yale and the important thing yelled back I said what school do you go. Good job. Is it really it like I said it's not too early to trash talk and I bet they're saying the same things about it's the Georgia football season starts next weekend yes we played North Carolina I'm happy football season. Football season people can go dolls. Thanks for making this wedge. They just initial shelf turn eight current.