JP on the Jeff and Jenn Show

Thursday, August 25th


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Or just some. It is totally. Rock. Went on what brands and instant about some of his male costar. Fast and furious aid which he just finished wrapping up here in Atlanta we call them handy. And through you through this in her around and while Vin Diesel one upped. Is instant Graham caption that Iraq wrote and responded we've. Ingraham video. And it's three. Give me a second term. Rudy didn't. Well. It's creepy. We got to be. When you're talking about Iraq and Vin Diesel arguing I thought it was over baby oil and trying to look both on the screen yeah that's probably who stole my debut after being on certain. I'm kind of ludicrous. Tally. Recruiting theme here. Injustice and shells. On sorry not before one. Yesterday we told you about a woman who posted an ad on eBay for a wedding dress. It was filled look bad memories her new husband cheated on her and she wanted everything out of the house the reminded her of him. In our ad was very funny. So we asked jet engine show listeners to write ads that we get read for crap that they wanted out of their house and yelled it a great job I JP what do you guys. I got an ad for a Maria as Sambo in your very excited about this there Maria's aunt spoke Tia I get to put on my sassy voice for the first few words out. All our sale. One narcissistic ex boyfriend that is sure to have you believe that he loves and cares about you really cheat on you repeatedly and make everything your ball. From a scale of one to ten he's barely three but he thinks he's in nine and act. Comes with a Smartphone that has numerous phone numbers of other girls and their text messages about when and where I looked up. Each one he calls beautiful or gorgeous or some other bowl. Just a real man. If you enjoy being talked about and stabbed in the back by someone that you thought had feelings for you then you're incorrect to read I thought. That destroy. I was visiting Jana add to the hospital the other day. And found out that the the fear of cotton pick cotton balls they come and go about some stuff is a very real thing next to me is. A grown man and he asked one of the nurses. If she would. Open a bottle that little I think Batman or something. And remove. The cotton he is a grown man. And have her take pick cotton ball out of and this is the normal thing she said that it's not unusual when he got JP. So I'm a grown ass men and I need someone to dress me I prefer to dress like I'm twelve. I'm not wearing camouflage shorts and sandals right now and I had T shirts that say this guy needs a beer or two thumbs and that's what she says and it's all fun and games until someone loses a winner with two people at a campfire oh got. That have done. So my girlfriend Heidi laced through a buy me some nice grown up clothes that I almost never aware and eight and it takes me I can tied tied but it takes me about eight or nine times before I get it somewhat to work should be. We're gonna ask memories him organize McGraw animals.