Brunch All Night Game

Wednesday, August 24th


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Ready for a one. Up for grabs a rate now December ranch all night tickets that you got to work or. 4047419400. I think has behind the scenes in to get this game I just plain. And no I don't play. And you know it's a really mean. Is that tennis fan. But here's what we all make fun everybody talks about there's the Emmys are gonna stop it doesn't stop. If you post anything online especially. I'm based. Nasty people of no matter what your post. They're negative comments that. And mineral people like to spout off negative comments just hit. Post it really quickly without thinking so the idea hits that I hand is that. I will read or Kelly she's will read them and give you one as an example that's actually one of Mike knows how to achieve will read I suppose. That she found on line and and we will go around the room and try to guess with an answer the first nasty comment was related. There's a lot of times well intentioned people. And respond. That nasty comments which pushes it to the top of the because then people defend the original post right. Why he's at. Right but it that it currently makes at the top comment theaters answers I give you an example of rightness of this wind. Is from a post that I mean. Where I wrote a few days ago. When Jiang talked to us about resent Thursday she brought out. Reese's new friend Monica. She is young woman had angles and there'd be leukemia. And sent a welcome gift that she and him made down to Reese when she heard about everything that was happening and am. Monica's birthday is coming out. And shall have to spend it in the hospital. You spare a few minutes in click this link to send her smile Graham and children's health care. Doesn't cost a cent. Takes five minutes. Would meet the war mean the world. That was the post that's your posts and and I posted the information they need to do do this I'm. Making easy forever. Go back a couple of days later see you know there's a response to that are members met its outcome. I'm pretty sure that you're providing that information is a violation of federal law. You have an ironic yeah. Yet to clearly the hospital before sharing patient information because anyone can use that information to their advantage in a way that is Mac I'd. Always be cautious about eight you should. Again the back story is. Monica's mom and I talked in the hall and Isaiah and think about doing this but I don't want quite. Information on line. That and they you don't want to yeah you don't want Beers and asked which is my dad Duma will be so surprised look at Monica got well over 2000. Children's healthcare of Atlanta and they never got as many my programs the aid for one patient and they did from Monica. You so excited she stacks and stacks of them before we left the hospital she said. Tended to take me three weeks or Reno of these now which. Perfect echo. And we Italian behind the scenes about a way to make this in the something very much bigger. For something that we can you for the patient and on that and is well now. But first comment was half. A nasty because. Things get really nasty but it was. Negative and somebody being a Smart Payne who's critical. Yet as always as people have to be. The ones that correct whether or even like your grant used the wrong that's. With ill. So the idea is Lindsay in Dallas welcomed addition. Right so Kelly cheese is gonna read this headline in describes the post and then we're gonna go around the room and we're gonna try to guess. Why negative comment his risen to the top with this. And then there's no right answer or wrong answer because that would defeat the negativity and the Internet page giving you a prize either. Just having found prize will be brunch on. I JP get an honest if I Cali when he got what's the first baseman. OK so Amber's face but at that first space they had lion of the story about a man who. Found stranded baby orca. And the and the man picked up this baby orca. Walked far enough into the ocean and grant of rights and and then push it out so they'd be back where it belongs and the headline is. Man carries stranded baby orca whale back to the ocean Larry is the first pump. Because it has human scent on its moments ago at. I'm going to saying. Do not interfere with nature's. Path. God quite that maybe well and beat her galleries. Something like that Lindsay get a yes. And idiots they died put it there I don't mess that yes he did he get any. And yes well maybe did you think it'd never one to go back in the oceans. Stupid idiot that's. What is it LA teams. The comment is oh for the love of Pete that's not an orca it's a dolphin and it won't survive anyway. That's I. I am Lindsay really get to some runs on May take its impact. Major outcome. Christine and Logan they'll welcome addition out. Muddying. We're gonna get to some brides on my tickets just for playing along Kelly cheese is gonna read. FaceBook post and you have to gas wet nasty negative comment right as the without them. Yeah. Guys area so the next one is about somebody who woke up to two lions linking him water off of their tent 1 morning to you. And so the headline is imagine waking up to two lions licking water on your team what would you do it. And how. They I have got and that what you're what do you think. How did she move behind should be an ill and not see it next to humid that the. That I'm actually very I yeah. Near feet say or you know he can get a base she thought. I'm glad. This government considers covering all of her base instead of I. That's not the head of tent you should use when your on African safari because it's gonna put plastic inside nature Asia at the JP Allen. Yeah spoiler alert starts heels moved Fossum allied he's. And I think somebody just wrote. Thanks Obama. Who don't have it okay. So that comment back was. I have my shot and ready and be very quiet and still no way should you trying to run you will not win that race. Right now it looks like all they want is a drink. I like to see them walk away satisfied just that why are you leaving canning an intense somewhere with alliance idiots don't respect the wild. A yeah. I call evidently. Well I just. Casino we'll see you Saturday or brunch on idol now give you tickets a guy. Thinking I tell you one more we Umar yeah absolutely that's when when this round Katherine arms are. I. Our cap and hearing. My headline is watch this emotional moment. As Malayan Miranda Lambert is brought to tears. When she holds up a soldier assigned Ater Hartford Connecticut show last week the sign Aries. Three combat tours in your voice was the last thing I heard every night thank you. As. Tanks and Miranda Lambert he's a sign in or show. She starts crying because it's a and entering. Who is crediting her with giving him through yup the atrocities of our. Re comment two hours and probably outlasting art and Aaron our major mergers. Yeah it's. Elton yeah. That team play yeah. After Indiana gas. How. Mary they need to get it again haired girl Yemen and her way pure emotional. LIN my I think mine would be. Hash tag made America great again. No wars with trump ants when he sixteen. Take in a political ratcheted the united and you know what else is an emotional moment divorced when Blake Shelton. Our. I'd what I am. So the comment is told or respect you Miranda Lambert. But what would have made even better was if you would have brought the Euro on stage and sang the song to them there wouldn't of been a dry eye in the house. And a law. Catherine we'll see approach comment on Saturday. Thank you think you that we got to do more there is. That. It's amazing. To see again that now all of this you let the people listening marquee comments if I don't troll that's. I spread productivity Phillips time to do this game this game balloon and a perfect. Yeah your Alter ego will definitely have to play it plays again like. And beg everybody for for participating you guys albeit at the brunch on nights. One. And Jessie.