Ghost Hunting: Mandy Still Wants to Connect with David

Tuesday, August 23rd


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It's. Sweet she's on installing now. It's my friends and show. Bright healthy recap this gen and Manny wants to find dvds or high school boyfriend Mike 20/20 five years ago up. She's completely out of touch with him for her entire adult outside of high school life up until she gets forced two years ago and then she's India Somalis that gets you thinking about thinking about him wants to track him down but didn't want to friend in my face but in contact him directly. Ask us to do it. We just talked to him in which we year Craig. Yes because he said to us he had been thinking about her a lot always wondered what happened to demand. He recently got married. But three months ago or something like that yes and he said it may indeed reached out maybe a year or so prior things would be different tape Mandy. Well. Did you hear all that. Were you smiling. Squirming. At the oh. Yes he's married. While. But he did stated you hide. I just feel like it would not be right in the reconnect because deathly sounds like he had little high school Peter pattern his heart's still three. Yeah it effects can pay eight shortly mandatory cap in hand and I don't have did not make up doing a year ago. Or. I'll be obviously we can't share with you is information. This would be rates mean. So and I'm going to you know you can find him I mean he's not if he's successful or anything. How high do you think made a really great live rams now is Andy c.'s chief of staff for a lawmaker earning fifty. Or. Well you know that timing is everything he said it. You know it's just one of those things timings not right. Yeah you know you know and it's really trying to accept that they came and it I mean. Current and honoree and everything to come and getting anything out of it. While they came you found out that he's married witches. Mean at some thing. But that. This is going to be successful. And thereby taking risks and putting on the leading. Oh. I mean it was successful you got an answer. Now women don't like information we like information goes our way GAAP okay. Had I mean I expect terrified and I think that point out that way you know really wants you heard. Maybe that same front America giving a cop. All right that's yeah ball's in your car we have it's about that's on you. You're welcome okay. Does this seem thank you people gave police officers he give them traffic. All right thanks she's at the information. That what you lines jet engine start 941. Switches on installing. It.