Jeff and Kelly Cheese's Apologies

Monday, August 22nd


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Engine shop still our. Eye on the tenth at act act eerie and Kelly tees and I both have people. Yes we. And I'm. My shift really wonders. Mine is more like a whole group of people. I was taste. Ever have Kelly. What do you think they'll just be like. A funny joke there funny prank. That there's a little too far. I mean I went too far ahead and it and it here the investigator of that Joker that frank you feel terrible. If it wasn't supposed to go that way you now in down. Again you know be relieved and is what we've. Now that we've put have been an appeal outside of news. Card to earn in these. Next you know he's in the hospital getting in stitches and the year because Alan. Smashed and and yet as he questioned for three days. And you'd think had to cut down on a map. So yesterday morning I sent out this is an am telling you that Baxter Tracey and and the well and as our. Can't hack into the radio. Thing yesterday afternoon I'm mourning as an out a text message all over interviewed on. Hey it's been a crazy week. Dealing with a all of they Jenn hobby in the reasons. And we have all's that huge way and made great radio still happened so let's go find. Rest. Cells margaritas and eat some good Mexican food and some delicious. Artery whose name. And but hold them but people responded that well let's do it that's great. The first person reached I was actually. Or box or corporate speak out advertisements on diet and use so easily act in his wife's at a town right now he's like hanging out. He is India and nearing an all excited via Kelly eat that in bird restaurant. That's outside and you Clinton's still on user and Omar as. And we're having a great time we're talent funny radio stories and and I'd it is their TP and Utah tried to make of it yet I'd that if friends it it was a it was a really really. Great yeah errors laughed and some. Just that I get to meet JP scroll from the first and so. It was just it was it. And and and and. And and you. And that that thing was he'd left his phone sitting there when we were all happening. I conversation. About late pranks that we pulled at the radio stations. We've worked. So. He left. Alone and it figures specifically talking. Com about people who did you read your basement open Alia policy analyst. We're talking about that though did he leave his own open known. Other than your on animals are pranksters that you so ice. Hey. How much you want about his password days. Yeah around 94 hat and no it's always a gigantic radio Gunner. Right. So. There on 94. It caught that the frequency of the radio station that he runs he he's the program record of 94. When it went. You know nine or so was it out and help men and I say trying 941. Oh and I am I gonna call out the person who's physically touching was saying. Here at times somebody else in. Europe. Net. Then somebody stated. His old radius if we estimate of when Tony gets he knows they all that morning's back in Milwaukee and think he had a you know all the time yeah. So maybe it was that somebody knew the frequency of at. We tried out. And then if there in the phone. The own noticed he had the settings how inane. All apple came out. And then just sat there. There moon. That there. A year it mean society now and then it went dark. And Tony and that's important. And that picks up his phone is bracket. Number. In on and off. And went down for apparently. Tom. Hits the button. Powers out. You know when you power up the new iPhone and it says hello like twelve different languages and 80. Yeah hello all hot and you're and you phone yeah. And then exit the first thing at a Tony's mouth. All my dad somehow happened in my own. And it's in it's it reset itself men and men within like a minute he realized. We you'd probably. Intruder alert and her girl or her. Yet there's an Hispanic and aware well like crazy boyfriend and girlfriend who's trying to get near found out time out. You have learned this setting has apparently while I didn't. Even know it Alice. Oh. He. And Indiana has been three hours and Verizon's kind of figure out what the iCloud and it. An Alley. It recover all of inspections. So who managed to. Examines. I'm sorry. I. Did get a text message from him last night and day out an email from them. Everything's back up running he's got your number I guess at least if my memory probably isn't any text messages that he senator received in the past last month. Home and what's yours if he would you do well I know he really of ethnic and. Mine affected a lot of before I say sorry I gotta say thank you really quick as. I had seven girls in town all weekend. And raft then it's just treated us like cool leans on Saturday night you've never been Iraq and its triumph Crocs street. It is delicious they sentence now. Five or six appetizers. Five or six on trays. Six or seven sides and then three desserts and he just treated us like queens in the septic with Lehman his name's James. They can they say are such that late night and I would've thought you had that much stuff in your belly to absorb your bank and. Not. At all my attic of our awesome literature and also can amount to keyless that it. The Moscow meals are nice and strong so huge sank use them but because of all of the liquid. Courage that we all consumed dinner we went out to the art and brought back as fun game that we play called. Hometown. And it's nice play because you can be across the bar and now it's on money line time and the way your mouth is you know one. The same time. What you do. As you got to the bartender and use on you couple lines because you know maybe order some shots or maybe your the plane apart and uniter girls in a couple of times. And you sneak them into people's pockets. Specifically man like that girl he do this man. Again it's what do have a sponsor paying and all the girls have boyfriends except earned me in one of on so we were like those sponsors tonight or just urges him around and and we grab the lions and you gotta find the good pockets they got a scope out. The open pocket. The united guy wearing jeans. Not gonna work skinny jeans and I'm happy if the pockets erupted out of Vietnamese apparently carton sort loose fitting. Tacky Sadr some idea that pocket is like a baby birds mouth yeah. And I am. And Robin if I am so that leaves time do we obviously one time. And then you do it and then you really times for them by getting a couple. You get one and I don't see you lenient than other. And then you go from the back as usual there's a wall there of ethernet Patrick Ethan you guys have to get through packets that Hatcher and time. The best part is that actually busted me. And an aggressive and I Hugo and main target area again this. And all the lights on and Edwards has brought on line like Obama mean wheelers and mobile home in the bar. An island off now. Everybody in the scout like using get me. Check your pocket only checked in one pocket it's and noble on my own thing our eyes. And any check of other guys drop like Torre lines and Maryland. So awesome quick question how old arms money and now he's running errands. Your apology is due to room. Anybody who look and who went out of Virginia highlands on Saturday night and logo on Sunday morning with winds in the pocket but at least. They weren't share. Because I'm Evan nicest city queens now you don't Pena can't. You can still amused by yourself and I think I've got that thing has mapped out on my friend Taylor got buzz and. And they guys brand like tennis of their play pulling out like either stop. Seed Jackson likes it about the Heinz interim thing is I vote and then literally corralled it and you violate. Met him idiot as brightly advice it probably some time in your age rumor. Funny funny man and. Things just didn't judge well. And in Oakland.