Ghost Hunting for Mandy

Monday, August 22nd


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When Jeff and Jim and amongst all in net he's more line. This actually it goes having that we recorded a couple weeks ago level we have never aired. Though you're gonna hear Jens voice in this is that TJ and viewing on the coast timing. And we didn't we never did it says it's a brand new ghost sending featuring Jenn hobby and she is trying to how about a woman who. Extra soul mate when you hear a school sweetheart. And now that they're all. The worst and she's divorced and wide back to eleventh grade in the ghost hunting tracking down of people from your past to have disappeared. And today's episode involves a woman named Mandy and a man named David Heyman he. All married to give thanks to the court. So do you know honest to track down for listening to. I am looking at buying the big ER. He was my high school boyfriend. And it is right to it school together and it. Tiny town looking at Virginia. And I grabbed read it taking currently at I had that Eric and Eric here. And I basically like never looked back. He read it. And you're listening to us that scene that's impressive that at. And I think actually make it heat and hectic people. It and Erie. And I. Ani Betty. You know over a decade later it safely exit the year of high. But everybody signs their yearbook. KIT. Given to he's in touch right and look like if this could have happened. Right right. And they're really the only ones. That it. I about it or about ten years ago. I really think that men. I and warning now what happened grain of weight and eat it if and thinking about him a lot. And I don't my parents. You know about and get that Alexei and if that we didn't beat me. And make it yet and going on line expecting him. Or anybody else. You know rather say I ignored them pretty much since we graduated. Expect a little cutie. You know it unit out and credit cards are important. So he's not one of the people who's not on pace he's on there you just don't want. Time and her act and find out some more and you know on different take back attack it is where it goes Manning becomes. Help me be awkward. But well it brought it. I. Cried so quickly check out and talk to what you want us to ask. Well I can see if he felt things art is being. And that the community intact getting. Together. And this is definitely in this isn't like a reunion of old classmate buddies this is like 1000%. This is something romantic. He. And I. We will call him at this time tomorrow these are the easy ones is that super easy to find so if he agrees to c'mon that's it this time tomorrow we will have him on. And you'll get to listen in and trying to exactly. How he feels. I think yeah I enjoy the next 24 hours of anxiety. What. About looking backwards gives you rose colored glasses like she's looking back at high school accused the perfect. And now he's. Everything's great career in there right always we'll check Nancy if he's that great in reality. Those dining tomorrow morning at this time we call man these high school sweetheart David. Find out if he still might have any romantic feelings for her. And it's your intentions are ready for one it's just a judge can't think and.