Justin is Worried Because of Megan's Job

Friday, August 19th


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It's Jessie Shen shell. Saw it. Where is this relationship going we just talked to meg and on behalf of Justin. Cast and they called us to find out about his baby brother's girlfriend Megan Wright years they've been together once he has said will you marry me. And she said I'm married now about keep you posted a nineteen mind. He's just trying to prevent his big brother and get a are broken in. Just and in a protective role which is hey Justin welcome back to the show. And it. I am. Yet Kelly talk yeah how how Italian island Athens. Amnon you know I'm OK but it can change. We didn't really get much from her is that how you all feel as a feeling like you're not really get much armor. Absolutely I mean I don't. I wouldn't have already stationed at we're getting cancer lists. They you know and and you're absolutely right like I am I doing Mitch I mean that grew up my little brother and I want it sure doesn't get hurt by. I'm doing my family because they wanna know and you know there's some number of my family there. Less excited you patient and I am and the world definitely less patient and Daniel isn't. And it's frustrating you know arts and but it achieves. I brought up my catcher relationships without attempting to do that this but it that was a little insulting. Or even elevate brother to you learn from your relationships and you wanna make sure your brother doesn't go through the same thing or if they do that you can be there to protect them. Thompson that's I was kind of trying to tell her as he just he's he's just trying to figure out. Before he gets his heart broken again you know and that's why when I asked her do you think that Daniel is the wine or what her answer was. Very Garay I don't know. Huge success it was really great play I that that are really made me super and I'm comfortable and you know I mean. You know laying things out on the table I guess you know one of the things like and the but it such an extra money. And some extra money because she is eight dancer. At the cheetah. A and so I know she's always being you know approached because you know that your job. And do. And it just it makes me. Leery you know I know they have their relationship that's fine it's just I. Saint know for so long and to keep prolonging and an end to respond like that when your attitude toward and just like I'm having fun it's like. Little. I don't think you just want to have fun with somebody you spent our years where. Issue like a Friday night Saturday night dancer or. I I have I have not done to see her dance I don't know who worked at awkward. Would you want her you're bachelor party like if you had some at that party coming out would you want her there would you. I could probably go somewhere else just over Amway city. I mean if you're related to the guy that she's literally. Fiat which is attractive and yet you detract. And I've now. And loser number yes that just nine minutes ago. Just getting passengers are. Are. No but do you think and you were she's cheating his Alley here is gray area here dancing and right now. I mean I don't I don't know I don't know its she didn't actually sir so they made things worse each keeping her options open you know and just. Leading him on like yeah I know that. You know she's got a good thing there but it seems that she's got one foot out the door still and that after five years like. Shortened battery upon when you go to. Our and I'm in this. 'cause if you know you'd now like what Jim Allen says it clicks when you know and you're not. And then that's fine too but lake. Let him know. Right don't just say in exposure comparable. Assets frustrating so what's your plan now what do you Kennedy ill. There's not much I can do at this point I don't know I'm just keeping and that's my little brother. What's a good Big Brother. I mean definitely asylum under very ill. I'm sure I'll probably hear about this. Donna and remain in the Taliban and help tell me and yes you are hopefully this doesn't happen. Destroy Canadian arm on here when you need to talk and what are they. Origami is or yourself. I test and thank you for your time can only go now appreciate you ministry of artists. Lola thanks very cape eighth. In the an intense and doubled dancing in the green area right and Hewlett Miami ninety and really you wanna put a poll up on the web site. A home and home. I got to let you go we get back to the grind he at a let me idiots. And then grade I felt that area and get after. Work. Kelly are headed back to VIP we heard that. Cities they turn in any TO and having a game and you're projecting that. It's a jab intentions aren't fluent they Jessie Shen shell. Talk.