These Adults Need Help

Wednesday, August 17th


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Just hit shelves. On starring Eddie for one. So obviously I'm in it spent some time. Around hospitals the past few days is help Janine Graham Larry can check in talent and eighty ariz. And I was there yesterday afternoon. At the children's hospital and I was sitting in the it's the cafeteria or whatever news. Parents in their promise out just as strong throughout Connors they have waiting for granted and downstairs. And he's got a kid with him. Who I don't think when it was a patient and they seem to be doing the same thing I was waiting for somebody else. And I watched him get up and he walked past might you only lock behind me to a table of obvious employees. And he asked one of the nurses. If she would. Open a bottle that little I think Batman. And remove. The cotton. From Gary had an open you wanted to poll the and and get rid of you know I'm innocent and she can oh laughed and she gave in in anything about it a lot act is able gave one of that whatever was ended saying to. Is he skated in the Arab awhile ago meet whoever they are meeting right right. Annika lack let that. I was a guy I try to make joke you know you'd be you know cool like ha ha ha I'm a guy now over about Lance baby aspirin. And she explained that there are people. Who have a we year are saying about the way the and eels in a menace and I never heard of that they cannot touch it. I'm Ned says that cotton engine all cotton balls urges and I didn't I didn't ask her to pirates and he is a grown man. But he was opening a small Caribbean are a thing of baby aspirin. Earned his kid that was sitting right there and had to have heard or whatever wise. And have her take the cotton ball. And this is the normal thing she said that it's not unusual. Okay so idea that any behind them that you can't touch her any thing when is that I don't I'm a grown man it and now. And that's. Alley we got a posted this on FaceBook. And we got some really. Great response climbing I'm weird about paper bags I hate the smell of paper a brown paper act. If I'm going out at Trader Joe's or something I am. I would rather violated paper bags rain and I have to carry and I Preston Alan I am on the view I hate the smell paperbacks if you are hearing on I can't do I have some. What and the senate cardboard boxes I'm do I have a Dolly that I live I think I'm moving in and I have to take boxes from my other job all the time. I law always take them on Dolly even and it's a little box I haven't. I hate this solemn brown paper. And any early mammy like I'm crazy and I really can't do it it's a terrible. Well. Maybe this is well. You get it and I'm okay. Sponsors and brown paper bags and 4047419400. I'm a grown adult who needs someone to do you blank form is well overdue right now 404741. 9400. Acres and a funny and he's on things the fragments that these are. I'm a grown adult and I'll kill spiders has come up several yeah sure we're airing my tires. In my. Crack an egg Christi Layne. Doesn't know how to crack in a apparently. A man. Open a can of breakfast biscuits. That is party have to push your spin on the one line and sometimes it is is. I'd open and then other times ease and she is a grown woman her name is Lindsay. Erica and she can't open candid breakfast this it would gadget a. So I'm a grown ass man and I need someone to dress me I prefer to dress like I'm twelve. I'm model wearing camouflage shorts and sandals right now and I had T shirts that say. This guy needs to be were two thumbs and that's what she says and it's all fun and games until someone loses a winner with two people at a campfire. I. So like Oprah and ideally through a buy me some nice grown up clothes that I almost never aware and eight and it takes me McIntyre time but it takes me about eight or nine times before I gave someone somewhat of words should be. Ago as memories of me organize my animals. Haley in Atlanta. I. You're a granny had a phobia cotton. So you can't have that cotton and medicine model either. And L policy on anything. That got the or. Why it okay well what about a little one an impulse from neighbors uttered the little's circles and flatten out cotton candy touched. I I can't wait I think there's really I get there and panic crabby and that they add that it a little bit. I can't hack it. They went out cotton candy because it's kind of back. Yeah I think any kind. Yeah I mean anything to add anything it made out of cotton it's. The knee it makes it sound. I just can't it it almost. The handsome man yeah I think it's. 40474. Or 94 RG I'm gonna dog needs someone to you blank form needs. And shop all star.