Calls on Allie and Drew

Thursday, August 11th


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Star in 941. Yeah. Happy and marry at a van holt for a few minutes with that theory about through. May seem an enthusiastic about getting out of the friends now. He just indecisive about every busy yet but I've. He's in its when he was so frustrating to listen. Like I like three minutes into our five minute conversation that wanted Amish on that route yet hands. OK so I didn't. But I band where he is nudist he's scared to make the move because what do you make the move and and the friendship and see who would rather be routers brand. Now Iran heard olive musica prominence you know with road bike I try what's the movie where you guys or girls now. Where he films heard during the wedding. And that she she. Real love actually add stupid movie. I think. Kathy and Marianne thank you for holding. I think that's are pretty she satellite light as weight and that he's not interest did and I heard it. When you're describing him it's wonderful guy. Support that will do anything Porter you've. Oh my god he can't do that say that every good guy is get a. This meaning it like all her in every guy did you live chat hearing me how can I met Sally. Many different. Well. But I don't you think judge thinks that he's straight and just waiting in the wings do you think that he Susan closets. Tiger yet. You need in the closet. And he kept a great guy doesn't like you out of your thinking long been yakking Becky yeah. Doesn't want to leave her a friend. Happy are you I'm currently in a relationship. And okay congratulations. And I it's obvious that you are because she just basically dismissed every good guide him through. As day which means any single straight woman in Atlanta eyes light. Know well. I it. Emily McDonna welcome to the show. Any I didn't excellence. I hate to kind of mainly out early on. I am not saying that in grade and her best friend and aid and then. I finally after that he gonna marry his current girlfriend and he was like yeah I mean probably I guess and then I had a like every time out like you know like I don't want to remain at a week and an actress and there's a time I would like. I went to the more I don't want to lose their friendship that then I would like. You know let them do outlined in a bit different than we try to reach probably when that view and that's. Mean nothing we did during day snapper. A year and then to get a victory here and I'm to talk Alley like China and on the DE NN you're right here at riot. I'm earlier racism rally their prices for drew to get engaged in the finale will step up recognized and it's jealous about it that's enterprises hey Jennifer and McDonna what she got me. Well and she is colored trying to let. You know she already made the statement that she's not a country and most of the women are not we want to know we want it on the I feel it is not a long emotional weight and a guy like and at the end that some ball in the a year something I don't know how that happened but yet they. Think about it she have to make a great. New apartment where to eat. I image you want that she she has the right part of the man that states and that might be right orgy it in light. You know that that the owner strap it on Nokia that's. Mine and. I think our China picky but they don't sit in the right at the pit lightly. Thanks for Vic hall Jennifer once. I Amy and Woodstock you'll be our last columnists where is this relationship going Italian trio. Well I seem initiation trying to go old school and right in the latter it seemed like he did it a little bit thicker edge and noon and I like how she feels. And it probably about the Kurds trying to hearing how he challenged and mental edge in Latinos that feeling and. Probably get the courage it takes we will. Talk about it. And as far as play making a little about cart stable up like little. Kids I intro all again and like I think I'd much. A very real anyways this. I go back even yeah I'm very helpful winners and. Yeah very likely eat that night and alternate or I was putting things. Brilliant anything you throw it for the college and Jesse James Giles. Suns are now before one.