Does Drew Want to Get Out of the Friend Zone?

Thursday, August 11th


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They just didn't show. Sons are not before one. Is this relationship going or about a culture you and ask him if he is ready to take it out of the friends down at Ali. Alley and Limited Brands for about ten years have been following their relationship their friendship for the last week here and jet engines and only has given us permission to cultured directly. And get answers. For her. Before we make that phone call just wanna make sure everybody's got a reminder sat 9 o'clock tomorrow morning tickets go on sale for brunch on night. The best part of the weekend brunch. And Saturday in a party. Combined into one event. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9 A am only twenty dollars it's star 941 Atlanta dot com and we would both. Love to see you at our very first Jeff Inge and show. Event Alley you're still in right. Now yeah. Part of their hands against his ticket market is that we're item you want told and you'll be listening to this entire thing. Let's chat with him once we hang up with him then. After that welcome back into your thoughts on what he has to say okay. I. I. A little. Age it's has. They are ignorant and kill it dead thanks for agreeing to come on with Jeff attention yeah because you're too. And it how everything got a house in Augustine. I'll in the stands at the end. Just trying to keep up artwork and everything read it and Ted are you crazy are Ladenburg close. There's an Internet. Cool while true we are Collins is chat with you about your friend Alli. You guys have been friends are really long time right. Yeah Terry Cole and she's told us that your such awesome and you've been helping her out and help to me of Lan. It's you've been back and forth visitor quite have been. Right. So ago. Work to talk with you about the relationship and friendship ties. Alley wants to oh where is this friendship. Now. And could this friendship. Translate into. Something more conference. I mean yeah I love Ali patients. Like the best one of the best people are that Saddam. Fan but I mean she's like are my best friend and we have achieved it thank. I don't know like. Push things her makes her uncomfortable or net written prematurely and is going on or whatever you know achieve our. Feeling uncomfortable ideas. I mean I that they really like the best. The best relationship at this point. That you could possibly have between friends you know I mean no matter what I would yeah I mean I'm just so glad that throughout her remarks and someone that I can lean on him that I could in turn also a college in New Britain has been really great dealer you're right. Exploration. And replace any and everything in just spurs looked like and I don't think. It's. Let's just let's just talk guy to guy man to man man that Man Ray and here if you guys were out. And is. Ahead a couple adult beverages to loosen things out and you ended up making out with her. Would that be a bad thing. No. I think that we could probably like. If I were to happen I think they'll be surprising and kind of a little strange but I think you're probably. Moved out. Back and and but I mean I'm not saying like there would be a bat and I'm I think we need that they really get through you know what I mean. If she were interested in pursuing something more on the romance side than the friendship side with you. Would you be open fat. Or would it you're like oh that was a mistake that we need to now go back to being difference. On the I don't know that there are the senate armed as such kind of terror. It's a lot to think about I think it would probably. Understood and I speak. Honestly I think it is my inner being. Think things weird and I would hate that I would it two minutes and change our dynamic our friendship and but. I mean. I don't know I don't know what did that he careers. I don't know I don't know. I would indeed. Yeah I would I would be open to life partner about things and certain situation that she's actually Syrians and be there aren't supportive you're there and a battle. The doors are closed. But it would just make you really nervous again. Yeah let's say you guys had a few about adult beverages and and you have. Hooking up or whatever but things were great there are fireworks you're like oh my god is almighty god this is great. Could you see yourself dating her and actually calling her your girlfriend. Swapped. Crippled. Uh oh look I had a good how are you saying. I just don't know yet. I don't I don't have to like. Go through that really understands. That would dispute so different than. So everything that we've ever gone there's would be it would totally. Opting have been there would be kind of a confusing. Place certain maneuver Amin I don't know I'm not quite yet not what you said the door whenever the doors are closed. I won last crash or would you consider yourself a courageous or daring individual. Or do you not take risks. I would. A wooden aren't sure that I'm the most it is taking to act in the world now. I ages when the gold medal in most obvious question I asked if this entire football. Hi Angela Ngo and have not comment on. Intending. To assess it. Well. I gave a huge room. Yeah they are very. And just say you know I I am the per I am you. I have and you I have no I have no idea how I ended up engaged in a woman I'm engaged to you because I and you. Am telling you just go for it. We're there it's without where anybody else man to man advice just go for it because. You miss a 100% of the shots. Better to in the bush. Hope you're. I appreciate it and I thank you advocate John McEnroe said. It was the trees and thinking of a 100% if I ever pay it as. Or leap in the net will appear. Well all of the about we'll come right back we'll check in with an Alley in just for the record when we got to learn. If she's frustrated I'm rate went there and lowered Alley is gonna rejoin us in three minutes and the Japanese Ngo starting you've world and organs injury all the Jesse James Giles suns are now before one.