Allie is Game for Where is This Relationship Going!

Wednesday, August 10th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Well so evil thoughts Alley. Is got her body drew hometown right trying to get out of and I he jest. Is not saying anything to me he's raving. From Saint Augustine, Florida to Atlanta six times in the past like manner and we though. Easing into her. But she's just not so sure and she's not sure she wants to take the risk of ruining their friendship by diving in to a round it's so we said. Letter asked. Let us make it a part of the segment that we have called where is this relationship. You don't know what that is it's every Thursday at seventh and we call whoever. We are requested to call and say where's this ship going on the other person is on hold listening. We brought that after a couple days ago she said she wanted to sleep on it before if you decided. Because she knows this will be a game changer for their relationship and we have Alley and hold us right now. And Alley question for you is. If you give our proposal. To participate in winners this relationship going and. Thought like you promiscuity. It Ander what are your thoughts on the insanely brilliant idea. To participate in the radio segment that we Kolb where's this relationship go. With your friend and potential suitor drew. I am going to say let's airport. S custom. Okay cool very excited so what you want us to ask him specifically. I think specifically. I'd like to know. You know if there aren't feeling weird and if there are what has kept him. From exploring them like what it kept them all the years. The McCain campaign or moving on the healing or whatever action in like in ethnic group can tell from the presented. So if if so what you're saying is if he just tried to. Earlier. To get out of their friends and you probably would have let him out. You know attempting what had happened. Or share. Our youth physically attracted to him. I mean he did good even Gillick and I Philip. It's if I turn on that they keep it and he didn't message and he had a personality back. Character guys and we started on back in court I think you're definitely we. We'd be like natural progression of ink. But I think it just so happen that are college history he and yeah we've been shattered and hurt at oak. I don't I mean they eat and fight we have a brother who survived Alan Alan. Out now it's more about all you know warning channel what echoing our. Lunch and it back here you know or leasing area so it's something I've got like a laugh about it in the future you know there. I. Question if he does say he wants to get romantic with you pursue our romantic relationship. Are you gonna do that long disk it's what you have to. Well. I guess that's the one and part of that that's kind of like blue. Ted and it's not like god you know want to immediately jump into bed you know Lyndon. You moved here pick up your life part of it is not without a lot of theories as to our relationship over night. But I mean I think that we can do a long distance thing and you know obviously I would. You know commit hate Billings home. To. Battle. And he's already show and he's willing to every single week and drive up and be. Right there that he really loves you have continued. Term. I mean it was obvious. I don't ask me. Our Alley we we have about where this relationship going and the schedule. Every Thursday morning at 730 that we get you some background step between now and and by tomorrow morning is Wayne will be. It awesome I heard thank you for being a good sport and Alley. Ames where Yemeni pats or famine yet a grandmother. The swearing your grandmother that you're not gonna back and look at where am I mean all that I am in good. Rebounds for. I think I've talked to you tomorrow morning. They Jesse James shell sell our.