Ghost Hunting: Darren Doesn't Know Stephanie

Tuesday, August 9th


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Tracking down people who have Goss did you want. Yesterday we heard from Stephanie who wins how times Saturday night with some friends whom I met a man named Aaron. You know an arms race. And Aaron didn't respond to honor all. I'm sending Stephanie shot at a bad Monday morning you know like I had a call yet again we're gonna go ghost town again this guy. Isn't saying is typically Wear attractive people who have disappeared he had doesn't really qualify as having disappeared he does have you heard from Stephanie. No matter that he's physically and you cannot take them at all yesterday after we taxi right. While I hit a perfect all right so. He has not responded afternoons greats. Connection you guys had reboot failed friends and it just the two have you hanging out together. Has to respond he sent two text messages on Sunday ranked. Intact. I've Stephanie we are gonna put you on hold you can listen in that we are about to call bearing in you get to listen to the whole conversation will get to the bottom in this area and thank you I usually talk first that you're tough for the first time out of congress that. Stephanie gets to listen in as we. Globe would. Highs as Darren. Yes it is it's the jet's engine show's star before 1 good morning or yeah. Good and good morning a double. So. We are calling about your nights at Fred now you're Saturday evening it fit now. In bucket and trust that you had a great time. Are you Gary airs period. All right we are calling in particular. To talk to you about a woman named Stephanie. Who. Really had a great connection media. In van was just a little concerns kind of I wanna say worried about your safety. Vote was alarmed that she did hear from you at all on Sunday wore yesterday that she wanted to. If you want to touch base as if she had not heard from you and all over the past forty hours. Who's sitting in the recent separate move. You remember Armenian woman named Stephanie on Saturday night today. I mean only not generalize. Out Saturday night I don't remember meeting anybody needs separately and and maybe right. I don't know. Met a bunch of people that night. I have this a woman Stephanie. Said she EU and her ended up like hanging out at corps most of the night talking. And then at the end than I you walked her out to the cars and a camera she said her car or Lincoln knew or whatever you walked her out. And then you guys actually kiss good night. And and I guess she went home and you went back to. Fidel. There aren't. I would be got to remember it is an address that matter and means. I don't know whether I don't really a lot of good. I don't I don't know everybody's so happy I. Is it possible. Let me. Daryn is it possible that Stephanie might have met one of your friends and your friend. Gave Stefan the you're number. Since his number. Two guys did that are too passive and. I mean I don't know I didn't hear any money anymore I've heard anything about it either. In the UK there that was some girls are and that's overwhelming. Then I got to tell me I mean. How about this how often do you check your FaceBook page did cues. If she said she found you line FaceBook and Europe I think America. Triad is cheating on their about it. I don't know I mean the you know and you know how much privacy settings or something right out. You weren't there you were out Saturday today. Yet again on me I'm going out Saturday night everything I ever going out there but I mean if I decide to go to a bunch of people there so I mean you know I don't. I don't recall everybody. How about this have you gotten any text messages in the past few days. From a person who you don't know who is like hey what's that Vatican time last night. Iron got it right now. Mystery causes that. Are you. Single and a relationship. I'm young moms do right now yeah. Yeah. I patriots I'm Daryn look thanks thanks for talking with us appreciate your out okay all right guys I welcome back in three minutes. And we will check in with Stephanie. I'm confused and I nine your theory it's Cleary is me why am I so cloudy he wants nothing to do there. As for making this wedge to the chest congestion. OnStar not before one.