Calls on Kids Going Back to School

Tuesday, August 9th


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She didn't judge yeah. And in Oakland. Resigning and how excited you are that your kids are back in school it's a minute you say here's the real. Glad there's somebody else's job. Think your calls moral voice of 19400 all right and celebrate. With Larry are you happy that your kids are back in school. I have five and five is great. Three of them are poised to our girls and my boys like a rat hole and just crash into people for no reason and that sort of thing. So now I finally get to repair everything that they image. Just go on around your house system. Super glue. Yes and back goal and yes all kinds of yeah. When you have a child like that clergy and warn the teacher like you get our heads out beside him at them it just see it now. This one is gonna break this one is a fighter and this one right here at the top or do you let it. The pin instead. And set the latest 1615 and nine so it's not as much Ike is being destructive to our I don't know that that just. Coming down the hall and now I'm not on the door of the attack. Sixteen in the regular thing happened. I cannot imagine what you're grocery bill is it large. And I think that it's a big one it's a big bail. Leah and coming and hey things are kind. Hey I'm at you boy is and the younger one. Is constantly carrot than his older brother who is now doing handful. Poured it on my old but the younger one I'm so glad he's back at old what's his. The actual piece. Her in the time that you physical and offer them a London back that. He's our you can see that yes it at that hair yeah. I'm the hole. Is Egypt. I want to pick up on say he's got and I see he's got a lot of goals and he's when he's got a heart of gold. Possibly care. Brother because it. Any plea is more well behaved at schools and he's a hound. He came in yesterday he had like a perfect day. That's how it is they are only there were the worst around the parents are learning this now. Hey Veronica. It. Popular and like second and then on hang out there are cool like. I'm Matt law patent and will collect the team. Let them at higher stacked up like a little. Bit you know every and I won't let them call or two. A world where you can. And I haven't link. Let them know we Rhode Island that route and it cheat out of the coal. It's much. So it's not about your kids about their mother in law. And the great I would like to do and that I can rule and praying. To hold her column I can't pick and mourn. So is this ever happen on any other summer argent really ramp up this summer. Simply not true the government and different states now. I don't know why he wants to protect my. All to the loop to loops Lauren pool every day and I totally agree that I actually checked little hook summer and. Does she have any history and education when she and a former teacher sun cannot. You're cool little like O Li. You can pretty tricky in my back you don't generational I don't know why she's been a little like a regular OK yeah. Well I'm glad you're Greek. Yeah I think I'm ready to get tapped in Haiti isn't Limbaugh and. Well sorry about your mother I'm on congratulations and the start of a new schools welcome back to school yeah. Hey Tony things are on the Jack and and Sarah. I'm so happy all the Italians look at my wife. And probably some of them are white and in dealing with a Eminem Eminem all down you know I never heard. Get lucky and that any action at all. Sawyer means good times for you. Yeah they're like and on during the Summers ago when challenger SR liberal no doubt. Salinas. And where. I am. I I think there ourselves. Or busy she's busy show things not jar. I got that black candidate and Tibetans or. Thanks for the company. He's remained in this wedge today Jesse James now on star not before one and it.