Glad Kids are Back in School

Tuesday, August 9th


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Are making this wedge and adjust itself to our nation are. It's probably now politically correct or admitted that some people listening right now are happy are thrilled that their kids started school. I think the majority are pretty happy thicket of back in school I'm right schedule honorary team and your kitten. More break and had in the summer. 40474. Wine at 9400. Is our telephone number we won't ask too many questions if you wanna try to remain anonymous. Who you're gonna give you a chance to celebrate we have guys publicly. In the year happy that your kids are off to school paid fillies why you're having your daughters back and. Law amnesty rewards as she just started school. And didn't really have a different. So I'm actually happy that she's gotten into. Needing other children. You have a quiet guy knows it out there are making friends about her development well Carla your guide com. Odd to me it's never calls back when she's thirteen 58. That's an accountant and you energy and a lot ago welcomed the jet engine champ. All the model you are happy that your kids are back in school. Harold. Tells why you sound exhausted. I guess lactic kindergarten. And garner kicking and screaming as well. All I have that in total twenty put aside. Seven children. Any clues your legs. And I. All. I. And how happy are you to have a quiet house now. It correct ecstatic that it only. And now. Happens can get and then running around like that. That's perfect thank you Angie they want though. They have great seven. Running around naked eyes how all this started the just be careful. We're all. Night thanks in. Eilat and Chris and flowery branch welcome to the jet engine champ. Yeah I'm I'm no heartbroken that they weren't going to cited the art school I can't help but he had before them. Q what grace they starting. You. Say it Nam I want addicts aren't. That explains the heart broken par because by the time now for the fifth grade and take the week it's moved accounting that you rounds with him. And right now let. Me. Let's just pass up a little bit louder will Phillips fine. Can fit into it thank you know. Okay thanks Christiane thanks for the Contras. Mean I at least say inmate on that one minute and. I opened my age when it. I love them so much they are a little. And they are never ever quiet I can't let quiet firm. Ebony and it can it like it hit noise. Nonstop. All the time I I don't let them at all. And yeah. And he like Italy. And Oprah portrayed. Well I got. Nine. It is curator at a college in new rate out of the house at Atlanta at night aged man. Are. I don't know it. Thank you for that a hall enjoy your music quietly sent. Remains in this way it's just it's a one star now before want to.