Jeff and Callie's First Wedding Fight

Tuesday, August 9th


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As for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and it was a matter of time. You guys were just to calm and Cali are getting married in October and they and the mostly back bride and groom I have ever met in my. Stressed about anything. Have a great letting plant began to beat Oakland after and let's ilk. Even so little about everything she does so mellow about everything in line. Against its strengths and about their wet day in the normal in terms. I can tell you and Saturday August 6 2000. Days ago it happened. So weigh in we've we've been. Putting together like a list a checklist of things that we needed this though a couple things just to let you glimpse and on that list. Eyes transportation. For out of town. We're trying we have a couple of ideas. Were were thinking about having this. In Hoover concierge. So at a hotel where out of town guests are staying somebody boo will be in the lobby. You would you call that person and I mean Sampras would gain in mover for you and you have your own. Wilbur to and from that wedding. So cruel and you're paying for all the you have to pay for transportation. And you know that and in. And you're paying for them from the hotel well and year at your wedding and reception is on the same thing my place so you're paying for them to go to one and then back to our. Not because normally what people do or shut up yeah I have a and amp professional. And care for being. In a crowded car with other strangers shuttle buses just weird I don't like. My brother and his wife did a really equal trolley. That's just like it it's a fancy version of the shuttle credit spigot shuttle buses pretended to be in San Francisco the illegal. There's now neck so that's so that leg that was back in. So. I say it. Okay well I've got I and let me see if I can work something out with too early and I'd like mine who are acting on a mover. In the game I say again another person that I know it has a transportation company. So I shot him a tax entity can meet top early next week about some options or what as a hand and and then she. And she and give you any times to handle. Lawyer I said I'd. It means. That she kept saying I'd a it will what are we gonna do what are battle late innings and active in them. And then you move out. So people just gonna go down to lobby in the heat. If they don't have that night. That's how it starts that was vein. We're finalizing. Ass. And a apparently you've got to put people's. Formal names I'm. Yes I ukrainians and pre fixes. Mr. misses or. Yeah it's. I'm. So so like so. She was asking the people. Saying uh oh about there and me although one that sticks out is again I mean on. She's it is it is aimed honors on the car and Arnold. Now that you're. Okay and then we move on you. It and that's annual rate might it is and taxing these people. Which I think is ridiculous. Which if apple took formal legal means your full name right Sydney and Wright is back and I go what's your old legal team you only team. That fancy wedding by any of yet. In response I fiance and I broke up two weeks alone now so I respond. UT. And game but he's on the other side of the room and she's gone is it did you find out yet. Only I don't I can't aren't Danielle and like. They're now. I looked at him about that than it did break up because you know I'd say in that she movement rate down the last night. Is. That are there. I am pretty sure he's a doctor will. You. Are. And then she's got incident gets to check. Meanwhile in there and she's like then bumbling governor Brad that about us once. I need it on my list of people that you'd like. And. Have you guys talked about the a list of. Yes invite and then to be less I don't do any of that stimulus everybody in my legs name especially dined out. Announcer all because if a blistering replied no. And you've got room to add the BU list. We've got to do quickly than the B list is another entity. Wanted to. In this room from buys says now I'm gonna think Seve about their chicken in 2000 but in my pocket and effort into a rampant and whatever you do is there any out. OK you have even by Kelly bag and is an interest answered and government never will meet and they've. Now well does that make her happy at least stressful on a dozen by now because I went home against him plus one. All of that the debate. When she's she's she's let me have it and she mobile owner brought about people. Don't get so it's a fiancee you know government. From this guy and now it's gonna be some random date. The seem performance. He can't control that what does she wears 18. And she's the person. And I would dare to Wear light. She's had control. What you don't know plus why didn't have the story. Did she Bogart your timing Kelly we don't talk to people really love the liking it and some random stranger and where are done too many shots on its answer about a band member. Everything you've listed the only person I'm worried about is. Out. And it's the only person that can. Say yes for the first fight. Not. Meet the moment welcome to realize hey welcome real life planning. For making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one.