Listeners' Advice on Ali and the Friend Zone

Monday, August 8th


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We'll this week she's on this daunting I'm. Its own cells so. They Jeff welcome to the jet engine champ. My it is pretty simple I. If it's not a friend known issue in your being supported its that the dead giveaway that you cue lots more because if you do truly. Strong friend and that's all he beat her little sister little daughter whatever the big night typical responses that no guy is gonna be good enough he wouldn't supported her in her date. He would have been critiquing and criticizing and talk about how to download the schmuck you would you can't hurt would communicate maybe he's not going to be important that certain that you didn't know because he put a group you'd be in that protective mode. Whereas when he comes back and half in hey that's great that taught him how to connect. That's just his play attain our crap like that it jumps into. I'll might not size and now that is brilliant right there I'm in need and I'm riveted by his voice. Jeff will use say if you would like to enter the friends down press one. Go ahead and about how about. All yeah if you'd like to infiltrate. Press one. He's advertisement you guys. He's so Smart isn't it wasn't packed and it was really brilliant. It was a G actually genius when it is not the way that women think. We would not be sure of what that response but he's if he was truly just a friend you would have been criticizing I could I would not be good enough you want to see BM and total friend slash. Little sisters around. You wanna save the word genius and the idea that all parties Alley. Yeah right you re you ready for this journey for some brilliance in Jefferson an animated that that is a very good point they are hearing. Yet this. How could we have an out of this all right. Weak us the show we need to do we or is this relationship going with three. Yeah. But we're in don't me. We think we now. But alleys friends from home the girl. Said dude you and Tony you know different dump readers. Donated an okay right. I'll give you a fairly. As we could get the answer would you be willing to do that Alley. I don't know what that is. Outlook then we will explain. Where's this relationship going is a segment we hear recondition. And that we we have a phone call for a person let's hypothetically say her name is out. And she said. There's a guy in my life and I'm not really sure of the status of our relationship. And we call the guy while the girl let's call the guy. Drew. We would call grew while Alley listen Zain and we just say to him dude where's this relationship now. And then he answers. And Leo okay thanks for the call there thanks for targeted us that we hang up and eminently combat year we get your feedback. Oh. That he can hear straight from him not from your girlfriend from my hometown. Yeah now it puts it all out there. Right is now everybody knows everything he's in a note in Atlanta radius the knees and now you are going to be out there. Also I feel like I'm talking more like an announcer and a little bit lower than I normally. Ever since I ducked again. So Alley would you like to do this segment on the radio press two if you like to do this thing on their. So it'll put you know put it all out there but really crystal clear. I cannot feel about that now I'm kind of lie. It's kinda like ally key it's it's hard for me and say they complain about it during ballot I'm announcer Ernie little. I understand what it's like to be a guy who fear rejection is real. Awful. I'm right I didn't do what it's like to be. Actually I think about it. Again. Jeff uneasy column ingenious. In its brilliance. And Larry. Guests sleep on it we'll check in with you Steve we can do winners this relationship going. Usually happens on Thursday so you've got some time to decide it. I've thank you. Willow will be and press three if you disappointed Jack domain and Powder Springs welcome to this thing. Dell news don't do that segment don't do that we're insulation go. Alley the one that needs they answer the question drew who has obviously made it clear. That he wants a relationship that goes further heat right up there and then. What are they are six weekends that the long drives. Now telling someone needs to answer the question not for. While we can't do with her she knows now works now. There were you Elaine if things don't talk here we invite what you consider pretty good idea is all of that. Really I I started eating re dial it clean you started out in Maryland. Now have a great day. Actually kind of thing on. Monday and I thoroughly. And all right. It's up to. The dollar later we'll let her decide. It. As for making this way it's indigestion just now on star not before one.