Ali's Update on the Friend Zone

Monday, August 8th


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Engine shop. Still are. Family moved to and it beginning this summer from Florida and when she moved out here she and a frequent visitor. A friend of ours for the past ten years his name is Rick she was wondering. Drew is making this 56 hour drive up from Saint Augustine for it to land. What are we save a few thirds of the number of weekends at there. She's I think he may be tried again of the princess JP. Hands down I mean adds. Dude you're going you know dude is making that drive just for his friend it does come it's come over for coffee in media polite hug yeah I. Hi Alli welcome back to the shadow. The plan we laughed and cried it was for years to tell drew that Florida boy's name. Not to come right Atlantic has he offered. EU says don't come to Atlanta. Because you had been invited on at eight. And when they did the decision that we made together as a group was you would nuts and through kind of come up from Florida and and they go out on the date with the guy. See how neat youth be the new got to see how to call his brilliant idea did you execute that plan doesn't. I didn't I didn't tell light series that I had a date there like a diplomat that he leakage and now are currently not include it in. We went testing. And and Akron we actually let you are called. Word deed earned BE RR land or uzis and tank yeah act I act. And we got there and pregnant and why do we have a great time like it on the court everything and you quote that not like he's got bad news chemistry net then you know. No Angel hanging eerie like that way and any thing you know of that nature. And then he had the failure to duty from their family. And as yeah I think I went home and had him more lines. And after I had more lying. I started acting troupe. And don't. So I was texting or do I did. Actually admitted to an end tax. Yeah I would like Iowa how are we in our house leaking talent and he tycoon and a huge influence and I told them navigate to Ballard one big. For me it me. Can admit I was actually on a day in panic hitting eight reaction which. He didn't seem like you you know chat about anything but he was important well it looked cool what you need people and so. Okay hold right there so guys what does that mean if a guy. It's just trying to be cool about her going on the day. He's exactly is that he's being cool about him Gar Heard erratic as he doesn't want to breached that line. Is he reaches the line and it doesn't work here and get the hang out there now. He's trying to tennis over the line he still trying to equal friend but that doesn't mean he's not romantically angels right despite ankle I JP you gave me. Sometimes guys can be girls that makes any sense he's just saying yeah it's cool but in the and they that oak lawn tennis. Right got it attacked. So how did you meet it would damage withdrew. While. You know we like it started acting board he attacks and you know life. Sunday it would like its. Erratic there wasn't meant that I actually. I attacked another friend back room. I was talking to her about it and I mentioned it doctor or the like you know I'd be turning out of the advantage you have by Karl. Even trying to get out of Brenda for years all I could despite oblivious to that I. You army and then I did while Barack Allen like oh my god how the guy you know. I didn't I didn't yet or whatever and adult crowd I don't know if I'm lucky he'd been working. All right Y it guy. Another brilliant guy. Again. Seriously they have got another brilliant idea isn't yet. I mean yeah there was you know is it was brilliant isn't really. Logical like it was an. Like jazz genius this line diner where when I say this one out loud you're gonna ago. It. I kind Alli can deal of worry. It's for making this way it's just it's OnStar not before one.