Calls on Stuck in the Friend Zone

Friday, August 5th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Well so I know people who lost family hazards of the dilemmas you moved here from Florida. 910 weeks ago. As young Tyler. Is in there. And I would chiefs Alan you hit it. High school friend Trudy and for the really long time me to move to Atlanta and he's impact as a whole bunch trying to get out of the friends and so we determined. I difference that's definitely 1000 person anyone's succumb in town Telemar. Today today yeah yeah so. Now she is it ends oh that's right it's Saturday and you Lincecum. And he wants to come in towns and nights yet so we're getting her some advice say Josh and Swanee what you got. We thought we want to move all the firm ground and he Uga locker room in low RC just didn't make the decisions I mean. Do you bishop you're excited which is saying about him as far as intimately and Jim madness thing in and then an idiot brother figure and you just direct their decision. That's a great point Josh thank you pay Allie do you when you look at him and thinking of him. You yelled rather early or do you feel single. I don't really. And give him like a brother. I closure eyes and imagine your kissing. What's what are you. Don't do that. It's a who. Cool and it's I think. It's totally scary you know just typically it's such a huge red didn't. Stand me. You're really shut this thing over fifteen items that if a a trying to get to some are held. Elaine Powder Springs out in the Asia. I did it say she did they help or at out thirty years old on. Or any more there's no question about it here but yeah I think they're. I married my best friend we are great says the loop that with the and I bet that maybe aren't laughing and our backs that are you know eight. You can imagine. She does it make you break the the situation happened battle being out embracing the EU. Have a long list and. Alan equaling that Islam alcohol. Its. Value in the gallery there. Well I got to do it. Oh. I think she makes a great point because. If you're with your best friend if you marry your best friends. You know what kind of relationship you're getting into you know that your compatible with each other. And you know we would be good partners is you're already best friends. Dude I'm capturing them and help. Find an alien killed along it we've gone along like this personal. Join us coming from Atlanta. I'm high. I wanted to let you. Articulate it and I. Don't give it because. You're an outcome I. If you don't have come Arabic it eat especially. You know I don't let it I'm like that would. Not help pressure I have a young brand. Only and I don't look at. Joanna let me run this idea about because I think and again at broke really. And then in full disclosure I think all of my ideas are really bright eyed yet again I'm a scorecard how many times today saying really bright. Joanna what if his Alley use said that you have a dates. Tomorrow to go play tennis or go see that regard that as saying that Atlantic station thing. A date you look at so Joanna do you think Alley. Should held true now to drive out because she's got a busy week and go unheard date dates to the tennis out and Atlantic's. And see what she thinks about while she's there. No experience. I don't like that idea because someone anger and other capital had a lot of experience in an island dia and we eat. A bad feeling that you thinking that urge you are against you know the comfort that you bring there aren't so maybe you know console you know it's actually other people out there meant. Let her know pressure OK are we really really earned him all our you know and I jets. In granite city. Would you consider that idea did you shared a really brilliant. Indeed I thought it Asia and I do town usually yeah I'm asking the guys at back. I do you think of a lot of pressure on one day this says food as the last complex. He doesn't even determining factor isn't it you anything it's just wet now he thinks about. I think that's three while she's there yes I can I'd really. That's my Lucy Lucy's got some advice for Alex yeah. Okay. So. Given that she kind of soured and they haven't really talked about. You know. Uncommon not I don't know like little how we feel. Oh yeah she beat comic comfortable at just after he was like okay. Whenever I knew more than the trying to do you give him an opportunity to respond and. But that then he's gonna go right and advocates but isn't that a relationship runner. Not I don't think so. If wanna leave or you didn't. But if one of your guy friends came up TOR was treat you that lane and you said that and they were like yeah actually beat you once he said he you don't have those feelings back it. Them like he ever work around that and hang out with them knowing that it. That he he wanted. You booby things that you. I'm home. Yeah take it could get you know feel awkward if you make it by it elation and I what I now like you know. Petition your side not cute pursued him more than a different. Simply there like you're not gonna talk about it and I communicate and act like that's more awkward. Band like that treating it like and held them Nuremberg food. Kind of get an out there and then a key. That shouldn't cut and the way she can the Taliban in breaking any animal I dislike her much and I go oh yeah which is lake. Invented a GOP elite. You know and then. Thank you in. An extra dollars. And Harry. He's got a good theory you've just got to decide Alley what you're gonna do. Regard the can we check in with you I and I'm Monday morning and find out what are you leaning in one direction that we helped you at all you need to ask you which he never called. Are you listening in at radio station. I actually liked the idea of telling him not to karma and killing you know on the dates and the Olympic pressure on meet the debate Ernie and I don't think back. I liked the idea of blanking out there and having fun and seeing how I feel about all. You know being drawn there like in my having a great time are not getting there lightly at all marriages that archery do you think epic and I end. The idea tickled that. It's would you would you say myopia really brilliant idea now. And I. Alley we will allow we'll talk to you on Monday morning and I ain't you. And it's again and you can right now right now limit lead. It's a solid idea but it's just logical signs it's a real you know all dollar genius as things now it'll probably if they re at least. Nine. Injustice in shells. Suns are now before one.