Stuck in the Friend Zone

Friday, August 5th


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She I'll still are. Yeah I've promised Alley who called earlier that we would help error OK Allie is new to Atlanta. And it doesn't wanna ask any of her Atlanta friends about this because she doesn't wanna come across as we year. If you can ask any of our hometown friends about this because it involves a guy from around town. So welcome to the show Alley. What Alley with not what we do to help you. Well I need help. You know like he hadn't really known actor out there. On the nuclear front seat on the scene in June. And a couple of my friends tell me about the here and when a man. If you're injured and we and we've been best friends since high school or bad starting out. And he then you political ticker helpful and you might even came back broadened the banks. We can tell it like on the other side of unpacking and like patent then that's another army. And I'm on the weird feeling. Tense. Act Eli. He's trying to move Ing. Different than. And I I don't know I'm not sure about that and and I don't and I wanna be shirt that's exactly what he's doing. You know like I've been here were. And nine week and again. And he would cheer for the first two of interest there were others I even went. Yeah add and I even went home for fourth of July so even hung out together and there. And didn't tap into community say you know I'm still. And so we heard about it I can't. So if you guys. It is is if he hasn't investments in high school what's he doing differently. In the last you know a couple of months. And he did before what's the behavior that makes you feel he wants out. I can't you don't even have to answer that you are giving answer the question from a guys when you already. How many weekends and how many weekends is even up there. Crow. Sent. To the beginning in the four more six of the night. Six episode 662. Thirds of the weekend's you've been in Atlanta he's been here and what's seen out of him. I've hours away. Six hours away and he's driving. He yeah he wants out of different. But you don't drive. Every two out of three weekends BJP is madness and an energy from another guy when have you this guy's driving. I can you guys Google's efforts in August in his hot you know how hard it is a five hours on ranked six hours. I didn't on its permanent. Our attack if he's not coming in for warm tea and nice conversation right okay. Now that question is answered yes he lines. Movement yeah. It's a bad thing. Well I I don't know aren't you decide how I feel about it and I digest. I had why. Haven't they hate war and searched. And no one and I didn't care I was excited about it and. You know. That I began Alley had a drink in each illegal leaking into an opening up about excited about it but. Hector boring or injury is written down lie. I don't have a yeah. So I don't feel about it. Do you think you're having romantic feelings for him. I don't know I don't know OTQ did the weird thing I've never moved away from primary thing channel. I seen inside it how I feel is you know I'm home can't. And I you know I'm just like black deal branch canal or somebody you know your mind yet home or is. You know. I am actually. You know realizing that have been moved back there are more clear channel. She. Could be the ones what can you do you have attacks in front of you that tree site you this morning is that and I can probably cement my theory. Well bond. He's so why aren't. In the abbey creator read it if you guys even cancer or any thing. Natalie and he kept on trying to talk to somebody can lean his friend back. You know I mean like in their totally different and I'll write I don't attracting. Before Hampshire. Four it will never be the same again amp. After he had. 404. 7419400. If you would like to give some guidance or advice that Alley but let's hear the message from from the. Our patents and protect says it's important sunshine happy Friday. Ticket you routine eat big city apartment to the keys are. Aren't we beyond the rhetoric here in dean peaked at by eight or not. It's your call. I love adventures in your name hometown and but no you probably have got to do it might be sick it may let you know when you GAAP. Definitely room status. And he's tests in the water sales now you always think of mean. And here's why you have to decide. What you're gonna do because we every trip out there he thinks he's straight and away. Atlanta closeness digging a little of the parties a lot of the Bryan little beaver. The U gotta make an occasion because eventually he's gonna make it for about and the music's gonna change. Big decision because you're absolutely right about your theory I think once you cross that. Line of French ship it never everything. It will get you some advice on my answering. 4047419400. Alley hang on a Taurus just a few minutes will combatant. I would get some guidance and suggestions for you amnesty for the senate and. And. The justice shall. Sons are not before one.