All the Feels - August 4, 2016

Thursday, August 4th


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Yeah things change how Arnold for one hump is pavilion. Feels Helen billions. Did show don't. It's easy to find the bad is negative it is in the world. By that we need to look for the good news that's of Regina good mood and that's it all the feels it's all about. Good uplifting news stories that make you feel like a better human being and here is a fantastic one. I am. Utley and name it beyond that Leonard. Ran a 150. Mile ultra marathon in China recently currently ultra marathons that are fun for some people. They're a full week and I'm date few stray dog. Started running with him. So he's just do the race. And dog house annex airman says I gonna go we view. I noticed this little dog was that must say that. Looking up at me I'm thinking. But that don't just sit the sort of walking around and saw that they don't. Two Speedo and Mexico and I this is so dogs it's my heels. Still looking up at me themselves and think this though some colossal that I did that sound yeah. When he fought all the agreement and she was still with me at the end and they say was exactly the same we we started the right together we've been together and during that stage actually had to take across the. By the end of the race that he would run more than half the distance between the Dion yeah. So he decide to adopt that he created a go find me to cover the 6500. Dollar. Quarantine and vet bills. And got that money very quickly 121000 dollars actually who's donated season against the rest of it to chairs dog is now named. Go be dumb most people say that when you go to the shelter to adopt an animal that animal picks you sure exactly what happened just yeah doc picked it. Ago on the back at an amendment on that house is that in other all the field story for you. This slide is says this will touch your heart so it starts I have to warn it starts and a bat but I think it's that way. Bullies. Actually detected teenager who has aren't his he was playing. Pokemon go in Arizona last week and college aged guys were squirting him with barbecue assaults. And where's her tormenting him while he was playing the game while his sister shared the story. On the Pokemon go community FaceBook page in their area and told people what happened. And that's when hundreds. Of responses of support came out. Other gamers and violated this young man named tied to come play the game with him at the park brought him presence when they met up with him. And made a much better experience here's ties mom ENG talking about what happened. I just did they are today and then I heard him. Exactly yeah okay. Grateful I'm just so grateful to kiss him. Captains we could still be hiding in the house. A lot of families like hers and. So she does that I can't think everyone enough. Mine goes out of house which normally wouldn't of done and then you know all of is this outpouring of support. From other people made him feel really great when I got to go to furnace hazard on the fields which is an uplifting news report that we'd. But I am fascinated by the people who hate Pokemon. The people are starting to really ain't been people who are well these are heating up from day one there. All these people just wandering around like op like not like teasing. Funny bad but like legitimately. Man. It's erring in there well having fun and blocking getting exercise and enjoying one another's company what are they think. Now we're gonna stop that OK as he caves where Al the feels that there's people just amuse me. Tomorrow. Random Martinez is dreams are coming true she is a distance runner in G is headed to the Olympics in a Rio. But it has now has been easy for when she's kid when she started running her parents worked two jobs each and they couldn't even afford. Decent running shoes. Well struggles van how to get where she is today so she's paying it forward she wants to inspire young Latina is. Young Latina runners. And she runs a running camp now for high school girls. In Jesus and to participate every single year covers their meals or transportation. Are sponsored gives each kid three pairs of running issues. And running here for the kid that is so cool what surname you'll watch her in the Olympic wreck on her name is Brenda Martinez and she's gonna be running in the 18100. Meters she qualified that. Okay bye on a fraction of a second. We're gonna definitely watch for her and Merck and cheer her on it's really equal story com is the million. Feels Helen billions. Did show don't have the please. He. She didn't judge well. Arnold for one.