Is Julia Getting Married??

Thursday, August 4th


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Justin show shall. And just talked with Keith and he is totally into. Sticking win the full 365. Day break that he and Juliette agreed upon he doesn't know that Julia wanted to and literally. All right he wants to stick with that so now we get Julia is. Take and his response because what would what did she say she would be open ending early if he was and she wanted to hear that he missed her a lot and we didn't really get that I didn't hear an arena a lot of emotion at all. Yeah he's enjoying your break the media yeah hey Julia. Old. So you heard the conversation that we just had a key. It. And I I'm quoted in here that that's how he's feeling. They usually. Talk. I can go I think you're gonna be bummed about this because you wanted to hear him say he missed cereal and a break early on some area we went to rekindle and can't live without you all those things I wanted to hear that you don't. I am well I change. I would really did have a bat because. I've been dating someone through march. And he wants to go ring Shoppach. And he wants to talk about our future. And it. I am onboard the fat but I wanted to find out what he is feeling and scenes not. He seems to be happy with how he is foul. Gloom. I'm moving forward I'm gonna just. You know. Wow Wales so a whole lot of energy is this a made up story Gary you being widget. A real. Name. I don't think yeah. So to somebody tell us. I'm so so you mad you're telling us now the U Matic guy and march who wants to take you ring shopping. And you did not want to reveal that to us or to key. Until you know how keys felt about Yale. I just needed to a stat. How what he's doing like really care how he's doing. And what if he's don't call that Julie what if he said I miss her so much Alan and the break now but I didn't want him you know betray what we have agreed a time. Would you dumped march DOD and go back to keep. Well I mean that's not he'd he'd find out so he's he's happy and I think he'd and then receive into light just fine. You did answer that question. Would you have chosen keys over other team. If Keith was more passionate about missing Yale. It's not really an option you know because he denied he is he seems to be totally committed Q. I. As being on a break so I mean it's. I have found my aid my happy place I'm gonna. I'm just move on. And you swear that the story about having another guy is true. Hold it up so what's his name he announces protecting health care what I know his name as well. Up. And I think I don't know let him know I'm weird NN we. Mimi Walters will though that you're gonna ran this by Keith first. And I have just need us to spy and get the information right we did every time but wait wheels have let's go ring shopping area like I hang out there's no Europe. And so many questions as will know about key in the yearlong break. Think that's important I mean we are we here. Says that he doesn't now okay. So. So what did you say when will said do you wanna go ring shopping area like. Give me 72 dollars. Even the conversation we had and you know it wasn't like eighth. I don't know we just. It's how we wanted to I wanted to move forward so I just. I told him I would. It gets them aside and let him know I mean it wasn't like it wasn't like get. He just called him for love it to find out what's gone ski. You know you know Iowa saying where there's a well there's no way. This. Occurred it's really fascinating. How oak what got lucky Julia I hope it goes well with will. And ill. I guess this break is permanent yap so now hold up the F a called Heath and tell him that your engaging getting Mary. Are you just gonna wait until next January Ambien side I have yet nebulous. And but there's a welcome to Larry. I think it'll work on. There's a tee there's that. And these anyway I don't think he's going to be. I'm gonna OK he says he doesn't care I mean I think he cared more about like he's gonna order rank us. I thank you for their college earlier thanks for letting us be a part of this. Hey look an Internet portal had gone on catches recon so fascinated Jan and so confused by this entire thing. Why she adds a whole elaborate plan. Because had he been head over heels for her she might have taken cause with well. And then assessed the situation but he was way out he was like peas glamour. Amazement nadu beat and men. So she's got closer I didn't find the break I'm gonna go with the new relationship and she it seemed like (%expletive) like one foot in each. I'm Apogee is fully jumped in the Wilpon and she's like well just don't laps. She's women like adults and well. A site on offense. OK all right well we're getting punchy and MC. IRA in the makes sense then threw them I guess it's fine by me I and is now out of dress judgment is it the empire where does this relationship going apparently it's going to the dolphins on Ainsley well. Jeff contentious parity for one thing she sings and shall. And.