Keith Likes Their One Year Break Rule

Thursday, August 4th


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It's just didn't judge I'll. Arnold for Oakland where is this relationship going we are about call key. On behalf of Julia. Who wants to know the answers to that question day had been dating for about five years together but she never dated anybody else seriously. So there in the midst of a one year. Break the cold Turkey break we're not talking. And she wants to now. If he misses are and if you wants to end the break but she doesn't ask the questions we're gonna do a former. Surely you listen man and we'll make a phone call no combat TU ND your feedback okay. So I'm paying I'm calling it. Task quest in. Where is this relationship going. Keith it's Jeff and has Dolan. Okay won't. Give me. A separate account and I'm with Jeff and I. You know we are Colin about Julia. And we want to know how this break is going that you guys are on right now. I think it's it's going to it's going great I'm having a great time yeah your way around. And I'm going to give that. OK so Katie how would you describe the first five years together. With Julia. Started at I had a very good I mean I may have never got a really good relationship and you know I think I found out the Arabs don't lover on the east side I think there were experience. It was great. And so is the boom is the one year break TU a permanent break or is it something where you really do want a revisit it. At the end of the year. You know I mean I think. We're just you know we've agreed to take beer tossing and then. I think that in order reassess and at the end of the year old supply and brilliant out. Yeah so I would be saying. Separate permanent in our. Is it is do you have any interest in ending the break now or ending it earlier like do you. Miss her or want it out wanna connect with her before the end of the time. Yeah now arm now on the domestic weather and mystic whether it would hear our share I think that a solution do. Why is that. And I mean that's just so we decided I think there's inspect you know I think that we would do it you know we both agreed to do it so we should get through. As you know just. To Dooley said. I mean there. Writes. Thanks thank you for the honesty ands. I'm good luck with the rest of the year anger about their rest your relationship we have with Jolie after eight years up. Now thank you. Fascinating I have never. Ever heard of another couple doing us a full one year break. Him being my killer revisit that but I definitely want the full year it seems so. Kind of rigid encounter. We will come back we'll check in with Julia she just got here that whole conversation in three minutes from now will talk to Julia find out what she thought of the whole thing. And exchange rate in general Lansing on next and I hear on the jet engine jets aren't you for one it's Justin should show us think and.