Julia's Relationship with Keith: Where is It Going?

Thursday, August 4th


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Since you and shall. And it still blows my mind Jan that we get regular requests from people to do where is this relationship go we ask the op court question because couples or for. Sort. Of just asked that themselves that they want the answer to it. Today we are talking we have Julie Guy who wants us to ask a man named Keith. Where is this relationship going welcome to the shared Julia. I don't have any tell us about your relationship was eighth. Well the right now it's not. Really your relationship where an oblique. Like we. To settle. A round. And in January we made an agreement that we were gonna just try and take a break for a year they cold Turkey no contact. Well no matter how long have you guys been together. We've been together almost six years. Okay six years up until January and then January is where he started the break. Well next year yeah I know is our fifth anniversary march. Think Patrick bitter anniversary attack. So. Next hey Patrick it will be six years. OK. So you go who's so you live to say basically you were together for five and a half years for a hat here. And then decided to take a break for a full year cold Turkey. Yeah why roller Disco what is called Turkey mean. No contact like we. Know talking on the phone now older. Running into each other just like we are living our separate life. For a whole year and then next January. And is when we'll resume contacts. And depending on how this year goes we hear we would get married. On our sixth anniversary on Saint Patrick's Day here. Okay. Why break though what was going wrong. It's just. I mean we've been together for such a long time it felt like. I don't know I really wanted to just. Go out and be separate so why out and should they shorter a 100% that he is the perfect person who I wanna spend the rest of my life with because he's the first guy that I ever within a serious relationship west. And. No no thanks this is right I don't want I don't wanna. Lock up my life without having gone out and tried some other things. Ohio is a year of no contact gone. I'm yeah. I aren't you. I've been able to kind of see what is going on with him a little bit because yes we can you tell friends they're like. I'm a Lebanon a bit but I'd I'd hate that stopped him a little bit he's not on they spoke but his friends are so. It. He's seem to be happy. I am he dating a few people I've dated a few people here and there I mean it's. It's it's going well I can't. Does that make you jealous and he seemed to other people. Well I'm paying people to. So it's not. I mean there's a little bit at jealousy because as. Even my purse to cut. It and yet you know it's just it's it's it is but it hasn't we're we're having. Our own states. Sig even trying to figure out if the grass is greener on the other side. And and what do you think the grass is it green. I mean if it's been different if so it's different that's the thing is it's like. Just seeing him I never had it I never was able flake. Check anything else out there now let's play. Theriot doubled your old. Why now do you want to touch base with Everett you wanna ask. The question is it just Alec checking. I wanna know I know I wanna know now what what he's feeling I mean I wanna know if he's if he's committed this. And is out for a year. Or if he'd I mean I have one document because we desperately. Okay so we're gonna call him and say where's this relationship going in he's in well it's on a break right now. I would know how far he would go. To get it back right now. And hang. The role was that you did initiate the break. They would mutual we both were you know and that place as like hello we really shouldn't. Can we talk about the future should be moved Florida. OK and I didn't hole. And as I just a question this is a hunch on my part. It is he now dating someone that your becoming worried about legacy now with the same person sands. Shortly after the breakers he rekindle some and when an old somebody. Is there something that he is sending his behavior that Scott your antennas up. No I mean I know he's been waiting a couple of people. I pray just had been thinking about again and I hate I wanna know where his head at that I need to know Brit that it. While the way alerts as well putting on hold that we call him up we say it was his name again. He Heath series say it Heath where is this relationship going and and you don't get talked to them. They'll say whatever you gotta say and then we'll come back to you but that's where aligns. It after that then you got to reach out to him or whatever. Oh give us three minutes to get organized and we'll come right back where is this relationship going created Keith. And Julie who have been. Dating for five years in our in the middle of a one year cold Turkey break. France and am really pass him and this hang actually will comment three minutes ago and Jeff contentious there aren't any for one it's just enjoy the show I think the.