Calls on I Can't Believe I Don't Know

Wednesday, August 3rd


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It's just getting shells. Suns are now before one. Just a quick reminder three more chances to win a thousand dollars today we news. Are friends at a range and marina eleventh two. And spy you listening to stern in Portland I am a ground and I can't believe I don't know what three and out ready you'll start of this around for the jet engine channel. At high if not me I really can't table decorated pilot and she did not afraid to when he or. Maybe she didn't nearly BBC over the trees. We are adding a conference or and it was kind of late at night you put up a ghastly incidents and to let alone in thinking that went placenta. I was like yeah open all day just like Noah to that point where can I get. And that means it's open holiday just like. Arnold like want any sport as it like a whole attack on a light. How did you write about it. Not and know that the odds and lived in Marietta. I. So you another brain to make and meet when he tried hard to make ends meet yes fine until about two months ago I thought it was play. You tried so hard to make me and Mike and EA CE. I didn't understand that you're actually working so hard to make you and me together. I'm thirty year old thank you 32 years old and take you 32 years to figure that out. But ability for admitting it thank you. I'm only in Alpharetta. May. I'm I am 24 years old and I do not know my turntable. So if you have to multiply something. By IE multiply it by an at some. That's sort of like new math is the way picket. I am I moved it around a lot as a kid and we eat. I learn my ad started running my timetable ultimately moved to say how neat that you learn them and my teacher didn't take the time to help me. I just pretended I knew them are pretty much my entire life into college they had a kid out I. Well here's that I remember from my school days when. I remember my math teacher saying. You and this stuff because you're not gonna have a calculator with you every day of your life for the rest here lives and I would like to go back to that school rate. With your iPhone just minutes and you're able from his car and you know and Earl. I think I had a nice cost sharing an indoor grass on the grownup and I can't believe I don't know. I didn't have a long time note that Alaska Latin in England yeah. They realized it wasn't connected because you're connected. Good budget calendars in the states and you see Alaska like down next Hawaii or something. I would I was kidnapped I need amnesty. And and and. The next to Hawaii I didn't realize a little little. And for people getting hurt by itself out yet I I I just late summer early it's. I'm Kerry well last came together for you. In all the worst part about it are actually helping my stepson that work and I I saw a picture of connected in a second wait a minute I think it's great and I'm happy that my husband had second thoughts at that moment that actually he. That you're argue argued with a map for a second in your mind that you can't let it. Beyond obviously what grade is under a great news that's an earlier that you wouldn't sudden yeah. Yeah the costs and sir I Caitlin stone mountain. I don't mean the day period is nine and Chinese are. We. Let out of jiffy and move would make you think that it sold Mongolian chicken. We and it really didn't know what it Lou. It is and yeah. I. That like I really intriguing. I can you tell us if you paint us a picture of when you discover that that how it happened who is with you did you see anything out loud was the proprietor realization and. I got out of the governor and hi Eric Harris and they. Won't they. My mom didn't really ought not let gene can say I would say it would have been our. Now in the eastern time yeah well. I can do it looked like it I think homeland. Despite when he can and people seem to retire I am excellent. Moment. Turn your issues like. Let it Cleveland I would probably not Chinese restaurant. And everything that again. And how they haven. I. Let's hear. That's what they say and that's thank you game and yeah that would not be tax you will be the very last call. And bring back then on I got ready recurrent. The phones are still ringing everybody's and will be able to and it got less Caitlin had loads if you move. I'm out chicken will change up off wiper fluid. Race. These. It's just shells sons are not before one.