Bad Mom Calls on #ParentingForReal

Friday, July 29th


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Jesse James Giles. Yeah tons are not before one. Hash tags parenting artery L carry him all around you are actively first yulia stay here. And yet I'm on dollar coupon hello Warner. Did that haven't had been paired that where your bed and I think that there are times and make it up like that. And yeah there they had acquired stepped into higher. I'll put her in the back I think on the top Internet that it would not talk and that I don't know what it was the vote with all of them I don't know. I I literally had to catch fire on our tax. It is doubtful. That would Ashton and I aren't there always. And I am I don't. I. Lack Jefferson day. Mariel. You know I learned about not only a day when my. And out and cleaning up nick and no my two year old son landed on the front door cute neighbor account. My hero he is why you may add permanent Champloo means and I can get aren't you blew you know when I'm Rick hall. And I let. You know. Romney and then like honey. I'm sure Herman even the lean and mean by making it and I cannot bring him down. Who scratched I'm thinking Perino. He even is a two year old man you have a lot of confidence to get trampled and. Hey Sarah in Atlanta things are on the Jetsons in Asia. Up. Ash tag parenting for real what happened. I used to work overnight here I have liked to enter your whole all try to get some. So I have them all back on the couch watching TV like cattle and cash and you. All via I was there. In a Condo. And I looked outside slightly out. And I see my older three year old who has actually settled. It shelled. My twelve year old sitting outside a light on the site law would hurt all over. Playing on there are sweet girl watch that three year old. Anything can hack it out and not treat an out. AA you know I I can help it what it adding my two year old. Playing. Rather. Is it unbelievable how I can't think Gloria. And aid that is Indiana. Being an. Answer and. Welcome my thirty year he now already. Looked horribly hold my hat in our country sharpened their Ingle now this may be controversial. That he turned up down on the floor and like what we cut throat out there without down on the floor. In the middle of angle out. We tried to calm but it didn't have been picked him up. I'm taking you to the fact I'm not that mean I picked up. Darted toward the back any yelled everybody you. Any almighty god we. We got so many let it it was all our power play. And I can't. Dance click here any day. It's better half is daunting fact that I can't add any real permanent is that something that that every kid has the throw down time right yeah okay. They do because they don't get it especially if they're tired or hungry. Because you do not want to be around I see angry tired toddler. It's meltdowns. When last phone call from Michelle in Atlanta woody have. Hey so my senior called it exactly where they're at the where she yanked the leaner playing at a ball at such an etiquette or earning on the block out every area. I'm not talking about irritating. I'm. I leaned across the playground. You don't worry about and you. Are. Welcome Bob. Like me to read. A stagnant. Jesse James shall.