Bad Moms #ParentingForReal

Friday, July 29th


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Dollar 94 walk. It's becoming a revolution. It's honesty and parenting we started hash tag parenting for real because I'm just sick and tired. Of all perfect pictures your kids on to. I am sick and tired of all the smiling perfectly clean. Totally happy families and that's the only one UC the one that the photographer took three hours at a photo shoot actually capture. I want the real lack of parenting to shine what is. I'm in this is social commentary but I really do with being. Like pharma. Is real thing I'll that it real depressing thing yes I do think by scroll promo by the way the year of missing out here and now and then. Also think it scrolling through insert a face that can make you depressed because. People out there it's not perfect they're like that's just life especially in raising it in parenting we've all that you embrace each other. Fat because it's a mess nothing about it are nothing about it is seemingly always happy about it is set to this you know. Blue birds or shine in on your shoulder. All right dollars and in general assembly Democrats. I can just got to be idea to put on the show today because she got to see the movie bad moms that comes out tonight. Does it come down today in its whole Larry is so. Found about my mom couldn't save. Now don't punish its own thing note here king. Hi penny thank you run. And more homes Menendez. And. T a 4047419400. If you have a parenting for real story. You would like to share of the one that stands out for me yeah is the first time you talked about. Woman called out and then I posted a picture it was her daughter. My daughter in the bathtub. And she's smile I am. He's got like you're always you know soap bubbles right hair cutter our price got a little Mohawk you give locate the moloch legal gray matter of aids in the jobs last act. He has what you density. Thirty minutes before and she anger paid with their own movie all over herself and her crib and the curtains in a room that we had to wash with Leach ninth at times. And in the end that you saw that picture of this second back that we gave her. When she finally come down. As well so you call it hash tag parent in jail. Parenting for real my friend normally posted some big companies that now it's like. I have done the exact same thing in theory hash tag parenting for real she said that she starts bath time. And dinnertime and everything extra early on Mondays that their kids are beds that she can watch the bachelorette. How. Which aren't scheduled. The better for all 47419400. Is our phone number to the jet engine and show Amanda. Welcome to Asia. OK so if my kid cracks himself within thirty minutes my husband not getting home actor and I noticed. So we'll. Talk to him. Shot out. I've been changing diapers all day it. That's. So what's the window of time you let your kids sit around and crafts a diaper but what's the cut up and our. Amendments the early eighties Britain needed now. Yeah as a terrible terrible you know. And and Eric. That moms and Brad. You can show. Star in 941.