I'm an Adult and Never Have I Ever

Thursday, July 28th


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And Jen shall we go to the I sat riveted yesterday as Jenn hobby told us now. Story that. If I didn't know David I wouldn't believe it to be true picked. Think David it you know and planning all right. I'm glad he's so much. And data felon Jack and JP the story of one right. To bring to go to work and one day we had problems we are gonna go out so. I said David I was like breast salads they do you want. And then the next eakins he's she. Say how soon. But at that did you. She. And I was like yeah that's what makes. And he's like and those persons. And pepper did you. Home sheets. Yet cutting new submerged all for that like. Do you was a very many so well I'd be freed on David how old are you and I am 27 when I've. Good and I. I believe that Kroger had not made it for me right I actually at all different pieces in my. Original moment. Actually chapped at myself and put it together. And there was likes sesame seeds on to assess them. Sesame she's achieved on the air a little bit of corn in the we had the fabric warrants it. That on top that was revolutionary and he was like. Could not Adam putting together salad and I like this is people. In my if David this is a figured I'd like little tub of dressing as the I think it was going to be enough that her. Several hours as a five BV. Urge is a may. The idea is to play quick game of never have I ever made our telephone numbers for a 47419400. But it has the start ways. I am in adults. And never have I ever so. David for example right now would be I am an adult but never have I ever made myself a cent. To. Any coach in general. And her. A me. Yeah that's you'd never cooked a meal. Because I had the meal plan and eight there'll wait how old are you. The code out of the other parts you. Have lived with people that talks I've never had a it mandates that always cut right now all my my boyfriend doesn't either so we always about. Every every meal you have together you eat out yeah unless it's like. Staffers linked with. If he doesn't own any putts which. And needless to say you don't. So. 4047419400. I just I just thought of something fantastic yeah and that is something rate that we have to do this might take a whole different turn okay. I think. We gave. The like. If he. And we take him to one of those targets that have the groceries or that shoots and inner. Whatever it is one of the stores and learn where in Dane we say. Everything. That make odds. Cheeseburger. He's. And see light and and he and and light on him. Film him going through the star on campaign can't violate. Frozen. Feet yeah. I tabling that idea is that it happened and I'd read it I am gonna get these phone calls. Amy in. Pay about what's gonna. Which Cheney and Donald and never have I ever mound in the crap. Really. Yeah I would never that well this common good southern girl and gets the man's job. Well my guess about that they've excused him. Sarah in Atlanta. Hey I'm alt and never have I have heard and that it. Yeah our group here in Atlanta. Not in Atlanta I era and reality about anecdotally our way. I'm an elementary junior high they built like in the year RD III. Never K I have a bad. That's ridiculous we're gonna pay your animal and we're gonna give you six it's well. Menu and you're getting down right. I got married and we are all about other law I. And you buy. I believe that but I had never ever again because I got it. Yeah the bad. Sarah here's the deal okay we're gonna play you wanna hold you to Germany and here's the deal here's the trade out. David is gonna make you a cheeseburger line. I know it may we all have lunch with David you know coach for unity and in an acknowledgment any tickets is six by easy a six fight the fight you have to report back and two things one how you're Six Flags raised list. It to you how the lunchtime applicants that. Sadly did I and we get I don't pray that we can Wear that all. Iron right there say there is meant to me aren't going to fix it yeah other people's behalf and the Tutsi nuns are Pokemon ghosts of our street team will be there and I think she should have to eat my cheeseburger right before she goes on right. Just. And I just an intern who. Says Sarah Connor called back sir call back Amelie and coming. You're an adult. I am an adult and the manner that I and there are bloated. And now I came to say I'm into it I lived I am at an eight year and I. I XL right despair and I and I don't know why I don't I don't buy into I don't know my boat. I know that it would affect everything I did I hit on. It told. It totally doesn't count that as I mean you shouldn't. A lot of other things that presidential election of right 440474. Line at 9400. I'm an adult. Never have I ever more of your phone calls next. When Jeff and Jim and months dollar and 94 line.