Callers are Not Happy with Danielle

Thursday, July 28th


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Switches on this stuff now. It's so. Talk to it Danielle and anger over the past twenty ministers out. Danielle wanted to know where the relationship was gone does that kind of an on again on again off again couple of and an exciting day she wants to commit glad to be on again for the rest of our lives. Which was surprisingly an expectancy that we go back to Danielle and while we were content and egg she's like this is ridiculous that I'm calling radio station. Her relationship advice. It's too hard mitnick. I think we should break out the end. There's a dude in my office and I look forward to seeing it every week and I think about Monday morning. Either go flirt with Peter Moore and think. That's. Marquis right now UK he stated Peter. Out there are you okay MO welcome British what's out. At all. I'd like. About earlier that are called and but not because I'm an adult men I shouldn't have to partner is. Ridiculous because. And they're day. And he should eat like that that would hurt algae could be impaired are all I encourage you come mid may. She realized that relationship with Peter was grim and they cannot let our. It and may you obviously don't care enough about their relationship and I. Why they've been on the wrong because you know I'm back important that other guy. She didn't want that credit. And you need to be permits her about her relate to get clearly you know the numbers should not make it doesn't know what you let it get. Thank you very much Emmett thanks for the call it YE. Parent in Lawrenceville welcome to the show. I am totally die right out. Of the either do her call. Eight. Add. Back and an art art back on the radio shock eager. I'm dying like yeah I don't let me. Am not out. The third batter and get out and out clearly at thirty get a little out. Late at that hey how. And I did that he'd like that out now I. Am not the heat and the LA yeah. He let the hype or. You're EA CE. There's no way out and why Abbott allowed to eat I eat what they eat out. Karen the important thing we need to discusses what lesson here you learned about getting out of your card during the Japanese and. I doubt. It. And make it EU and older. You you can Levy thank you combat of another personality I think it's that it's nick has been like her. Security blanket I just keeps going back issues and as these always a 1000%. Say Miranda in Atlanta. Yes act. Don't know couldn't move her boat that are all mean I think that they ultimately are low and you need Arnold or else. Something that seat and we'll let you know I think I don't own that he was ready to commit. She came out played and I think that that it knowing committing to one person did airtalk. And she is I know I think they're willing go that old. That's the way for Maria that you it's brilliant she was doing that I'd move where she went out. I say. It broke up with it but it ended. Writing that you know it's an. That that guy's and fortunately Jared in and out back and and celebrate with you should dump me I she did that and we didn't use. Never mind you. Aren't you get there early morning I'd sea island despite the end. Like as a frequent that he won't need to grow up and that get accurate and can I eat into that turn out well he can be better or whoever is next little. Think that there will be in and but as part of our IQ what the people want the original Iran bag in the heat that wallet say a parent and taking anymore because I got a policy are becoming. And humor and hangs Maria about her left on this will be Kim in ranger. And I. Rhonda Ryan runaway. Hit. Lately absolutely. They should count he had black. He had been jerked around the last ten years or are. How would ever be able to move forward with her when she keeps jerking her relationship back ports. I he should discounted blessings. Sounds like this this lady is has also increased soap opera all right I don't understand. Why I he would. Not snaked through these things before you make the call to Heredia stationed there for them to do it in relationship to. I am sorry kindred and cut off when you start suggesting. Thinking before calling the radio station that driver enough. Thank you for calling but do not suggest that people use logic. No logic in a comedy that before any drainage and just scala a. When Jeff and Jim and months dollar and 94 line.