Danielle May Not be Interested in Nick After All

Thursday, July 28th


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Engine shop still are ready for war. Where is this relationship going we may be called and asked the questions that you don't have so we just had bad uninhabited yell and talk to mix. And says he's all of their relationship it's that she's cute trick you know with him. And really the ball is intercourse and Danielle you hear that conversation with neck. You know life I have. I heard him say Ali you know really I think it actually wanted to try and link it it's gone back I'm sitting here thinking that. I I called a radio station talking about that and we were my talent than. Didn't do believe that adults should be communicating it and we've been going out now I'm an opt again. March send send our should be able to talking about something you hear you should that you and. You can always it always call the radio stations Pam I'm. The red Aziz currents. Now we're about we're extreme Guidant and and committee work other people but it can duplicate the queue to hurry that it shouldn't ER. I shouldn't. They have to have you know go between to have to communicate with them until I'm you know might wanna spend. Parents of my life let them and I'm thinking like you're you're either for talking about. If I had anybody else in my life and I started thinking about that more and and actually reply from from work I. I feel like. Maybe by a more than I've been giving him credit for I mean I I only look forward to team him and we kind of got applicant and on the up and think Helio whenever I wouldn't. Lip licking. You kind of it kind of the first person and I think on the morning he and on the weekend movie early Saturday and Sunday on undated why did because I can't see him and. Hold on where it is yeah it's gone from. You realizing that maybe you should be with big things the fling guys. I wouldn't you look like playing I mean we've we knew what my situation what the neck and ebita kind of like. It was only so easy that he would and you know we get clicked in on the conversation from Italy we believe. To kind of gravitate toward each other and and make even though other things going on or ideally it ended up they got talking and texting and and and I actually that kind of more what it should be logic isn't I mean it should be EP. Ameren comparing it to howl at with nick and we could always you know always. I was felt like religion something's missing and I would keep trying to lead in trying to not finding coming back to him but I just wouldn't I wouldn't feel. Silva and then I would end up leaving again and I mean not that somehow it should work rate it should it's easy so I should just you know naturally want talk to him naturally want to. Get along within an end and that's kind of what actual attempt at working. You know now I'm Rebecca. So in that time that it took us to talk to nick that you had some sort of awakening. And shouldn't be redneck. Terms. I need to sort of and really weighing my options and and with we're ill with everything on the line and and him saying that he wants the wind totally downforce it's a I didn't I didn't like I didn't feel anything. Story and in that moment like I wasn't excited about it and I can be a hundred topics. So you are in need us well I think it is. All about important who is said I. I read that these. Columbia. Me she is talking now through like the earpiece. Out while you're welcome my aunts. The public under the name. We call and yeah. He's I. Mean you name either. These guys don't have to call him because I mean I've a look at suddenly we've been talking we've been texting and actually really do communicate and I. Actually that's kind of a really strong base stood to start from and it's right out. And if she isn't it gummery station for Peter he sees it. That was interesting and so I guess we should not act Hickey give him get to this issue is. Now that stadium. We're done out as a successful where it just takes him down. Angst and now thanks -- good luck with everything good luck Peter right now. Rick which plated thanks guys you can we cannot ask you have contingent staff and before one. When Jeff and Jim and funds are in 94 line.