Nick Talks to Jeff and Jenn about Danielle

Thursday, July 28th


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Thanks for making this wedge it's indigestion yes one star not before Juan Pineda the segment where is this relationship going. Today we are calling nick to ask the uncomfortable question on behalf of Danielle. They've been on and off again since high school so for about ten years or so. And she wants to know are they gonna be on again and this EC a long time future. I Danielle you have to hang on and you won't get to participate in the call an awful combat the effort to get your thoughts are ready for this. Yeah and Greg thank I knew him well making the call to nick on behalf. Yeah if oh. How is eaten gen from the jet attention thanks for agreeing to come on with us. This year we are column ask you a couple questions. About your long term on again off again relationship. With one very sweet Kenya. Cool so. She said you guys have had. You know an interesting past maybe into things other word for it on again off again obviously. There's a reason you guys keep coming back in each other's lives she's been at this point a year off again but she's really carries a unity on again and is there. Thoughts in your mind for a long term relationship could this relationship with her go the distance. I mean yeah like I'm I'm totally format you know I always have been I don't feel like that I've ever been the 12 against the gates are indeed things yelled. Yeah it's always been good at her that needed space that they needed a way that wanted. You know breathe a little bit and and like I feel like I've always been there and ready bit ready to go so. But if she wants if you have stated goal in issuance. Of partnership and to be seen all that led. I know that I I can do that without doubt so yeah I'm I'm totally didn't. What was the recent off again about it T minus asking. You know what I honestly don't even know. I. I don't know that we were we were hanging out we have a lot of fun. And and then and recommendation about you know what I. I paid this has been greatly late hey I think I I need to explore some other option isn't. Like whatever will catch up soon you know I never really got much of a reason for it was just kinda those. Done but that's that's sort of the way it's been since. And you know we got back together in in college and a leg. Let me every every time it just kind of been like I don't know there's something else look out there late I don't have time under the whatever you know. So have you ever played in fact are you let her. You let her know they. Say well I wouldn't walk. And. None in late late Rasheed. She once you're out and and doing the things like that that's fine all good date other people too it's not like I've been. Sit around I mean for her role is or she's not doing whatever you know I go out. Relationships and fun and I. We we have a great time together good. Well. You know it just kind of they've always been an alternate only good thing so it never really been something we've talked about being super serious. So light. In a desert going around also denied and then if we you know get back together to Ruth's single we get back to get a present both single and they'll let you know. As you look forward and you imagine your life like long time in the future do you imagine her as your life. I mean I've I could I get that and I've never really thought about anybody in particular is much like you know our. And I figured I'd get married at some point and do you like the whole family thing and whatever but I had never really put like a stupid enough. But it could be Kenya. That could be seated just great flood let it rip at a fund and everything route they would get their. So really sounds like the balls her. I'd thanks for the call our thanks for letting you are right there okay thanks snake. If that was used to and you heard that sort of enthusiasm from a guy. Dvi Guam. Yeah but I don't think the full story okay because when we were calling him on again off again I it. The break ups maybe we're mutual lower he caused one rumor she calls on them but it sounds like from this perspective. Danielle salon has always bailing you can do that people okay. So maybe she's. Turning on him to be passive passive about it because he wants always be there for her. And Danielle are you there did you hear. And well hang on just a second we are gonna come back here and about three minutes and get your reaction. To nick saying hey. To her. We've just been easy and fun selling 94 line.