Danielle and Nick: Where is This Relationship Going

Thursday, July 28th


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Jesse James shall there is this relationship going and that's the name of this segment. Where we make the call you're too scared to make and today we are making the call for Danielle wish. I'm so back to the deal is. I think eating. My boyfriend nick actually it's kind of like I don't know we've been like on again off again. Since high school. And dole it. It's it weird kid he's been such a big part of my life by you know will buy and you know the charmed the time we're we're not actually together. We met senior year and we did it hurt two years like a college and then I school. We broke up when I moved away. When I graduate in came back we got right back together so it's kind of like well you know we didn't really break up because of a relationship that could that the distance. But banking thing would kind of get a little pull off. And we would break up for our a couple of months but that we would go back in. Results and the real break out for a little bit and it's kind of it's been on again off again but we always come back to each other and I kind of feel lake. Which I don't know maybe because this person's been part of my life for so long that those you know that something bad that I should be. More curious about me I just turned. Ardent. Thirty and it too big a big step and I didn't think I forgot about it I'm trying to really taking stock about what's going on in my life and and that. Actually live there should be more cheery about it and Nancy and I wanna know. You know ethnic and on board. So are you guys in this age your relationship where you're on again right. Battle we're we're kind of all. God. OK so when we call him what is it exactly that you wanna have you're going to be on again if it's going to be forever. What what questions. I'm not like an engagement ring right now it's just I want I want I want an LP. It seems like in the long haul trips were actually gonna work through these kind of down patches and and even make it work or so it would have been giving him when things got a little tops and and that we could begin like. A cold buckled down and and actually make that work and I wanna not huge if you if you want to be on the team. OK and their questions you have I don't think so is there a reason is that because they're off again that you don't wanna ask him right now yourself. Yeah I can't I catapult Laker I mean I'm the one you pull it out suggests that we take this break and and then to come back with something to Syria patrol but I don't know panting like a when he each. Actual I I didn't I didn't really know how to treat it. Not right. Okay. We can I ask him the question and and find out is there anybody else on the horizon for either you or him to you know. I don't I don't know about you and I mean. Violence. Lou I got spat. I did this guy I work question who's kind of thing and you know Mike O'Toole. In between like apps. Sites that need I mean I mean like can I actually got got all the history with nick you know. I bet that some diminish should be focusing on. They have nick says. This relationship is not going along for the long haul you might pursue this other relationship with. Plan B. Yes but the opened at 0000 the Arab newspaper yeah. I don't think we are talking about dating and you should be different people as plan B people. Well that's the best I mean you've got them you got you've got to be very. Mood. And I think we're laughing about the birth controls all got this nice ads is they can't connect other option. Right off the iMac. All right well we will we got ahold welcome back in three minutes won't call him you don't get the same thing you get to listen and and while asking the question where's this relationship guard. Yeah yeah. Yeah gangster and the person munitions. We've just been easy and fun selling 94 line.