Calls on Selfies on a First Date

Wednesday, July 27th


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About first date to sell fee just Fran went on a first aid and she wanted to take it so you with a guy she's did he refused. And she thought that was really weird. And he wouldn't mind takes them for states that Jack thinks that that's a red flag. It shows he's in the relationship and this is the secret first date. I think. He's just an attorney is not there on social media so we're taking your calls on this for a foursome 41 and 400. I Stephanie. No more pool team jet for team Jack. I'm a little. Switzerland but I Pena and I'm thinking that he made yet not yet been into her. He knew it was only going to be one. Easier yes oh win both he and media that there can each hair comment like. And that they all that and though he you know I I mean you can't let them into her and that's why keep it out for her. That's there are quite good idea hey Jack and Atlanta. What do you think. We have it true that you highlight it Ehrlich trying to I think. You know at some other relationship I'm glad he got it would have gotten had they practically give it everything about the mutual friend. The other but not that I regard. Is that how it went down. When you were describing it Jeff you were saying that they they figured out on the date they had somebody and comment yet. And like it it wasn't a tight I uncommon but it would be use it like a FaceBook friend and. I don't well I didn't this year example not. What does not mandate they had to Eric Eric they had some frames or some net shared network. But they were already friends and he's like any other way before way before that date which is why everybody was arguing everybody who is it. Against me saying he's not leader he's not in late relationship being sneaky he just says that if she posts on her face. Aegs Lehman and all of his friends see via. Who's that girl whose. You know I mean like half. It's an an and it got to that point if he were married there and another relationship never would have editor is right and when and then is that and why. Very good point they can play in Atlanta when he what you got on. Colonel Aaron I'm actually on slew so. I think there's humidity that day on that then shady. And maybe like maybe he had UT eight the truck and it may not let that and that they are around. Anna and I didn't know any impact on it but anyway in Egypt making it to them directly to. What. That clarification leading maybe she was just taking it to print it out later and on the little Alter that she. It. And some people prefer them. Again meridian backwards. Carolina I would get in a day I'm an only because I away are dating and I didn't want anybody tagging needs or can go to the near anything my only because I I would just out of our relationship and I am much frank will mainly be acting this new guy good back. You know. What are you doing on weekends and on a I just wanted to be right then and left on and now I kind of figured out what I want. Because you're mature adult humans could. That's why and can. Well on those B Aaron incoming hey. I hate. Elaine. And he knows maybe this guy does it want a huge data card actually and yeah less. Minute candidate and Tea Party wanting to take pictures maybe you'd like no aches. They get involved in that the. Great point Aaron thank you semis this morning. Engine shop. Still aren't ready for a one.