Rapid Fire Calls on Guys Being Creepy

Wednesday, July 27th


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Engine shop. So our our real and you guys call the show an age they're eight the phones won't stop ringing of our creepy topic what makes it nice creepy and it. And apparently creepy guys as a hot button where Arafat Arafat. But he's on the we're gonna pick a few more album is that rapid buyers exile here I'd take Haley and Marietta which he got. Guys who got their teacher at any key belted partner chart. Trying to. It. May Molly and coming. Guys who get bury the compliment like a metal gorgeous or like action. Yeah overly specific hey that's OK I like the way your skin clings to your collar. Well. And god thinks Colin jet engines have they had Taylor before you get an anxiety that love the way the vacuum and he smile yeah. Oh and I creepy as they guide that and light whenever I like Alec. And elect out. And I'm about Michael watts optical out. As. Good idea that. Yeah and then I'll what do you and they might have liked a weight like. Like I usually like you know let it weigh it simply that there are at the very end but I. Rose oh yeah and out there and win maybe you guys all of them oh. Yeah you can all. The opposite equally under scattering Iraq these freeway Obama immediately. Over an aerobics program yeah. Per. Well that we're gonna can talk that it is a public service I made guys very much. Your loss. Engine shop. Star ready for a one.