Calls on Creepy Guys

Wednesday, July 27th


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Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion jam job on star not before one and at. Haven't found this guy's got to pay. Women determine if your creepy or not within the first three seconds of Armenians were talking about. Well creepy factors that you can find them right and as a guy. I have to me. That's about the most significant in so even if I think there's that's a typical wonder workarounds. Like had a few. If you're nude. Yourself ish you're ugly you're fat all of those things right now and increase fees night. Yet have a union guy and cannery workers and earnings ninth later you have an upper impression that you and you know over ladies creepy person can't unseeded creepy if he's got CP BP potential yet. We'll let let me run at two things by the lemon in the city at this is Kelly cheeses and here internally and OK first thing is when a guy comments on the woman are too young for him. And you're saying that has me yesterday. It was a different media actually I was talking about you. It now. That's out of a Hannah college I haven't got so. Big girl is hot and he and the girl is like let me ask you this major yeah eyes like a teenager 1819. You're like to yeah. Creep easily I haven't eaten eighteen island and think like nine news now yet and now the other thing is laughter. I can. Real creek. School. Athletic and the meek little. And I and he ordered treatment and I'm. I please explain in my a young girl thing. You guys use well yeah that and now I've got previewed paranoia. Jane and I were watching general as watching a video. A vote girl and invited the girl ahead of very specific Agilent now that it is she words backwards right. Her banana and chic it's packed and liked. Mine and and about. Right yeah she though. You'd. Sued giant was watching the video instead of using the video of this person who can speak all the words backwards. And I was like. Oh yeah. Is it hot girl wit the highs and hot blonde girl with all the guys firing words matter in Egypt and let's turns and looks it look like idiots. If she has races. How. And when I saw the media. And. It was a different girl. Well. Booted out of the video at like six years old or something like answer maybe it was the same girl but like I saw. She wasn't well. Many different are you with much older but things are going to get like. I'd NL so let's attribute that to preempt. Manny is when you look in the public eye and you walk out. In about it and then they're like hey I do and. I way you know that it. All my daughters. Dominique I can't let them walk away. Lingers is the war all love it paying them and. I. Went back there. I went wrong fingernail. Or. Everything you need and are making them iron. Yeah. Clinton is actually taking those negative champions yeah. They tell and Johns creek twenty out. Hi yes my angle and I got hasn't handed a pocket and he's saying it has hockey. Ill the whole time yeah one noting again that isn't part and it. Actually say again that he and yes we are too. Yes. It's okay. Victory yeah. Long amount of time. Are at hand political weight to date forum. If you're hooked yes now right Rachel thank you not pay many in game zealots that. And Gary gray and yeah. Today it. That creepy like act confident like our current. Yeah I think for. Our incentives right it has but if there were at the. I'd like lady. Yeah and mounting an elder but yeah at it's leg Obama should go put a chair rape outside the that there are recorded my legs got pumping I am in my pocket and using punch your face facial and you have. It's an image the BI and I that ethnic and and thank you indeed. Engine shop. Star ready for a one.