Scott Trask Reviews the Men Tell All

Wednesday, July 27th


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And now it's gone. There's not your ass from Boston. Like three game called DN smoking's the gas and Sam Jana yeah. Doing actual restaurant when Jeffords and note what store I did. They want the circus wasn't home last night so this is the men tell all episode where everybody every. Souter. And Scott by the way of introduction of the yet been found on season as the chief engineer. Here it's that he and he and I'll keep these as radio station in in the show's. On the air. High in Scott is thousand not a fan of reality TV. No not he's typically and it is poker night with cigars I live Rihanna you don't need to watch him on TV. Tablet or watch a phony baloney he's now I'm really counting on you today's because I did not watch last night so I'm only counting on you forget to tell off this is this is every guy. In the entire episode right except for the final ticks of the file that rabbit I liked the first guy eliminated almost every guy in Rome yesterday everybody's everybody. Are all there in your friendship Alia. The clown like the award from them but I'm not going to his argument trouble. Well refrains from that good thumbs up they would expect have to worry about it then dump button okay thank you well. But you know it's early forty is thought the show was more bow. Tokyo. Is experienced at deal calls like about again. It. It. This. Drove me that's the whole time news on the show because the guys are going gates joked you know. Would do nothing but complain now correct me if I'm wrong. He's such an episodes maybe it was later on Italian by. No one person one on one on one date never said one word about who was. Oh. He. You know sometimes when there on one on one dates of certain people. It's the first saying right now Luke was he between them. Respect but again last night. Actually the first three episodes all over again and he showed up like a psychopath. He was crazy it. Roasting does wars is starts are about how he's eating. Ice axes. Oh this is your manners is greens and friends ex girlfriend got the one that you know he was dating her for a one and one half years or two and a half years all less than a year fun OK yeah. Facts straight to you dated grants expo for any dated Robby is expo for instance you've been on the show and I'm talking than the net. Out of all the people out of all the don't you black did you go after them like expecting a reaction from Robbie and I I do you. Hello hello with your girlfriend to go on the show I broke up but there and didn't I tried to go on the show. So. If you're more more drama and then that. If that women do and as you as a be evident on nick at by then of course eat. China. I would say describes about Robby what may be eased under his. X yeah. Robbie and I'll I can say is that rod is not upset about needing hope. I know he's threatened there was at the table is he's just telling her like don't talk to anyone don't do any interviews or. A can be achieved. But it's unaudited and just made that. Oh. How all these guys dramatic. A dramatic and I he would Wear a seat in front arena is you've. Arizona's and autos Arkansas. You know were players and I back. Automatic rate and compares shipment that every game from you know and then finally some he has. Is going to step up and actually. Had really good issuing threats are you trying to get airtime right now Chad your talent that it says on empty threats do you get nothing you wanna fight me. Anytime anyplace in whatever. I will bring it down to your level right now OK says that the only way you can communicate. You just sit there and own up to this. The you've created are ready here come on. Like you wanna know this. You wanna fight me I'm probably pretty sure it was probably not do that both in dress shoes. Howard do we're both gonna fall down either way as easily stupid they think about your thoughts before you say them. Your tower and do that. Later. Everybody out there was neck which charismatic. They might have been eliminated early is very eliminated barrier early again but I think he's also one of the guys that was in the group where he threaten them right yes I think that's kind of still boiling over. And again issues. Like you say get the cat was because it was just a Catholic last night. You know and again they try to ask Chad you have anything to regret. Is there anything. That you regret. You know honestly. I mean I don't written an episode things. I think anybody's going to be mad when their get out point 479 days in front of ten million people watch it so did you you know like. Jordan comment all right that would GAAP ability to be quiet didn't work is in his as they ate them on the times you use Apple's wishes shows pickles you know me. Like I messed up. I have no clue that he's now. I have no matter anybody. I get no response from anybody and so on time nobody knows that mes and times you. Legislation as apple menu with the goal. And the thing uses. They brought Duca. Put him on Nazi was he so sad heat I still think he's in shock you really. It was gonna work out and he knows the mistake you made and he's great move by. He's. You know and really. Real feelings and chase they brought him up on at least in and he said hey listen you know just that question why and you mean the fantasy suite. And then boot sued Vick this episode an hour long two hours. And coach shows there Georgia came out later at the end before they know that brought out Luke. Chad was the most and notions. So although they hammered by up and they brought hours it's it should be about Georgia how much time the span span. That I'd say there are those 70% of all the that mean they they had a onstage at first oh yeah. In his own vehicle when his own. Mean please whatever you wanna call her I mean just. Security around always actually you could see him eating it now while the other guys had me useless facts and yet I don't him. On him anymore but no such case gets up there and asked the question that she gives and the answer and he he's just like listen goal. Well let's just move on. It is what it is and you know it just so it's a boring things saw in him a little class. Luke you know kind of liked him. When everybody else. So for a few but for the most part it is still at that. Maine your reaction that thing and in it and so if you had to make a prediction on who they pick in the next. Bachelor usually pick from somebody rejected if they were picking between Luke and chase really think it would panic. The audience who he think audience like the most. I would think they're gonna if the audience had to pick I'm thinking. Yeah I think they would as he explained lesson he's a hopeless romantic and who he says and who are that you guys left in the that's running Jordan Rodgers Jordan and robbery Jauron is the football player's brother who doesn't talk does football player rather you know and then Robby is notable because why. He's just he's a swollen looks good that's about it and next week is next week last week. Thank you. You know all week in rally here and that's just. But I mean. It is what it is. It's you know I'm not gonna say it was really fun to watch does I don't like reality and me but. To see these people and how they deal with stuff off its. I need a beer I hate. I'd answer it I think he would have fond of her now. This next week will be the lack of Ghana. We have talked to Tony about an X reality show the unionized. Four music act apathetic crowd. They achieved and it shouldn't look back. Engine shop. Star ready for a one.