Lauren's Update

Monday, July 25th


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Still car. Talked to Lauren that last week and found out that her plan to see her friend's marriage was under way. She met with the highs and it together the two of them are coming up with that view. Wife will never know and lowered its gonna provide re kind to him so that you can save. She feels like when she was a bridesmaid in their wedding she stood up and she said I will help this marriage and this is her way of helping. It's all her idea that's worth noting that he's idea and I aim and help me out. It's all her idea which is pretty awesome so Friday night she was setting up her friends and Huntsman. I'm date and she actually even babysitting. How to be gay and Friday night go Lauren. Well it started out there and and they are trying to get by. When they need to get like it was OK. He again stated they get pal around. And you know and then they don't write about it like we can't get our own you know a huge and immediately our tragic thing. And she didn't well I. And so I actually hear the end and and they came home like that you know something I thought about it. BP got there and I hit something and its parent and I are permanently and and I get credit are currently. We trying to turn it means something. To work right for him the day. Yeah I think it on art. You know what it was and yeah I think he's a little more open it and try and she can use that to why it didn't. Yeah get me out it being co conspirator. In the eighteen. Let me. So I don't know. IA I'm hoping he. You know I've done it again. Did did he know Marty did you know about their hotel room planner hazards at a hotel room and it was and now. I was just never could spur of the moment he is I mean I guess we're going to let up. And he hit hadn't tried to do it that would. Yeah you got it down. Incident down do you listen to me yet really it really really Matty ice at dinner and we got to start slow here. Because she seems like she was caught off guard like ago. Along time in new date night no intimacy and he's slowly. I yak he had gotten definite Arlen. Of race. Yeah the they have the cool part about it though is that he is actually. Listening to year. Leahy is actually doing what you talented view and here influencing car so that's those are all good things. Yes. Yeah I mean that it yet so they'll do it think it's helpful right now. At least at one date even though it ended badly. He sees on the path what what comes next. You got to talk to him again I. Yeah I mean I have to see sort. Well you know what's happening heck let him that he and hope he not like. No more after that I am I mean I don't think so but you know. Yet you can get I'm just real amid a little bit remind them it's a marathon. Not a sprint yeah you got it you guys have got this and I. All right let's check in with you again the next time he's got sentence and a book and I thank you Lauren. Oh yeah. She should speak in sports analogies let's hear him he just want the next first down you're not thrown a hail Mary pago earnings. Right because Al marries what you do at the end of the game to win it. But a bunch of first downs can stack up to get you cross the goal line. Are. Sports. Bar and I legitimate they're again next and she has an update us for making this alleged. It's just it's on star not before one.