Calls on Bailing as an Adult

Friday, July 22nd


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And Jen job we go to the. Okay Laurie in Johns creek. When did you ask bale as an adult. I'm back several years ago my kids are just army cranky amnesty at psychiatrist. And he can't tell me he could you need to brag on particularly shopping outlet and then pack. And tell my racquet you technically correct yes they are into it I'm out of here. Yeah oh yeah I did and had their without where the mama and gaining mom what it needs to do. I. Lori tell me now. Did you imaginative ways therapist. Excellence for the all heavily in Jonesboro. And did you. Well I'm even quit my retail job on Thanksgiving because I pretty dealer doing Black Friday. Hold on things so we ended with less than 44 hours ago. You told your hotel manager you're a man down on the crazy if they the. An idol apart management. Style. And it really did write a nightmare oh. All right all right. And a. She's striking a chord here with our producer Kelly yeah Kelly Kelly. Oh yeah our family. Tehran island retail hotel AG's tell everybody what your full time job is multiple times I work at Lou Lou that he compositing market and you are. You're ready you're ready to I don't. Please take I like shaking out on Evans the copier remembering what Black Friday was for me this year because the previous manager. Just didn't show up which is why I'm the manager now let let me tell you we saw on 900 people that day and had two people working. Myself included it was horrible act. Well yeah I do unveiling this lack. Emily how did you. Did you do it via text message or phone caller how did you did. I told me yeah. She. Did go that you know everybody crime is very demeaning to the back and nightmare and he called that morning and told Maggie could become an immediately and are we supposed to be it for another six hours. IE eight alternate that I hope he has great power they even. Went. All I want coming. And I can't throw. And it it it feels good for everybody separately she's now who's gonna go run around the building pretax. Thanks for the column Ali thanks LA I'd say. It's. Ole. Bail on life. As I when he thinks you're both working as a teacher in South America on how to relationship ill. Obama a year and a half and when they get I hate this weather premium going back in at eight. Well about. What was the final straw what was it meet your dale. On the well I wouldn't let tighten manipulated relationship where I. And the relationship I realize that you really get 18 do you eat badly and that he had made. And there could add on eight iron on the green card. I wouldn't quite Whitney. And while we gave it all a lot. Not I mean what it is little Larry King on there aren't always. How about making quote unquote American Idol barricades and all RIA. I'd get home at night I'd like a day later. They called. That's perfect cheese burger made her realize need to realize that it alienated. All right Katie Atlantic you're going to be our last call on this day Katie. I. He. Now when did you decide that now. Well and got cleared again and that got four kids and my husband. We weren't doing well and that under mind you thought lately you'd been a gambling addict mother and that it wanted to kill them. They election for a little effort three days doing gambling. So you enter male friend in your male friend's mom all went gambling. We we did you left your fork you use it for kids in your media has been new York and on getting along. Or are you guys though the other. Huh uh huh yeah I can't take. Out there that evidently thanks for the call Katie. That's for making this wedge. Indigestion change one czar not before one and.